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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorializing Thuggery

A hulking 6 foot 4 inch tall 285 pound 18 year old man brazenly walked into a convenience store, grabbed a handful of merchandize from the counter, turned to leave without paying, and physically assaulted the store clerk who tried to stop him.
Every detail of this strong-armed robbery was recorded on video tape for the whole world to see. The man was a thief, a robber, a violent criminal thug by any definition of those terms -- guilty of a felony beyond any possible doubt.
As this young thug and his companion were walking down the middle of the street just moments after committing the crime, he was confronted by a police officer who recognized him as fitting the reported description of the robber. The cop told him to stop, called for backup, and attempted to detain and arrest him as a suspect.
The thug walked over to the police car, punched the cop in the face and grabbed for his gun. The gun discharged striking the criminal in the hand. He ran off. The cop got out of his car and ordered him again to stop. The thug turned around and charged the cop like a raging bull. The officer, by now in mortal fear of his life shot the thug dead.
A grand jury was convened to investigate the incident. After carefully considering all the physical forensic evidence, together with sworn eyewitness testimony which corroborated that evidence, the multi-racial grand jury determined that the police officer shot the deceased in self defense. There was insufficient evidence to charge the cop with any crime.
But simply because the cop was white and the deceased black, the black community where this happened went on a rioting rampage in the streets. As far as they were concerned this was murder and they wanted the cop’s blood. What do the facts and reality have to do with it? I posted then.
The protesters created a makeshift memorial in the middle of the street marking the exact spot where their martyred hero was shot by the cop. Now they plan to make that memorial permanent by installing nearby a large brass metal plaque in his memory.
"I would like the memory of Michael Brown to be a happy one," the plaque bearing a likeness of the deceased in a graduation cap and gown reads. "He left an afterglow of smiles when life was done. He leaves an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy and loving times and bright and sunny days. "He'd like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun of happy memories that he left behind when life was done."

Only in places like North Korea (and, of course, the USA) will you find deluded people who disregard reality and demonstrate it by memorializing thuggery. 

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