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Monday, June 1, 2015

Educational Probing by Coercion

You’ve heard of college professors probing the minds of their young students with difficult quizzes and tests in class, but I’ll bet you’ve never heard of college professors coercing female students against their will to undergo internal vaginal probes by their peers as part of a routine class activity.

Well, that is exactly what is happening at Valencia College in Orlando Florida these days. Two women have filed suit against the school and three professors for forcing them by coercion to undergo regular vaginal probes during peer physical examinations (PPE’s).

The ladies claim that the professors threatened to cut their grades if they refused to participate in the weekly vaginal examinations performed by other female and male classmates.  When they complained about it the coercion turned into threats of blacklisting in the medical community if they didn’t cooperate.

One of the professors reportedly used the occasion of a coerced vaginal probe to tell the victim that she was “sexy” and would make a good “escort girl.”

There it is. Some educational statists in America today apparently aren’t satisfied with the power to entertain themselves by probing their pupil’s minds; they claim the right to peer probe their vaginas as well.  

It’s just another example of educational probing by coercion. 

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