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Monday, October 5, 2015

Carly, if President, would snoop, torture and otherwise aggress

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina wants to portray herself as the most aggressively militant war-monger hawk among the fifteen remaining GOP candidates for president; and the United States Constitution may be dammed in the process. Surely, if she moved just one more inch to the right she’d fall off the debate stage.

Fiorina is a stern advocate, not only of viciously aggressive counterterrorism programs, but intensive government spying activities on all Americans, together with an antagonistic attitude toward diplomacy in relations with other nations.
She vigorously defends the George W. Bush era CIA torture tactics, which she insists were good and proper government measures that “keep our nation safe” in the aftermath of 9/11. “I believe that all of the evidence is very clear — that water boarding was used in a very small handful of cases [and] was supervised by medical personnel in every one of those cases,” she claims. “And I also believe that water boarding was used when there was no other way to get information that was necessary.”
The lady disagrees with the Senate report last year that portrayed water boarding as “near drowning” tantamount to torture, and concluded that the agency’s often brutal interrogations produced little actionable intelligence. She calls that report “disingenuous” and “a shame” that “undermined the morale of a whole lot of people who dedicated their lives to keeping the country safe.”
The fact that CIA water boarding, as bad and unconstitutional as it is, was only the tip of the government torture tactic operation is completely ignored by Fiorina. All the top interrogation experts say that torture doesn’t produce actionable intelligence. Torture doesn’t reduce terrorism. On the contrary, it just creates new terrorists, including ISIS. CIA goons tortured completely innocent people. The Nazis used the same “enhanced interrogation” techniques as the CIA, and even called it the same thing. CIA goons tortured Filipinos and Vietnamese prisoners to death and have taught the leaders of other countries how to torture.  
Carly has maintained a close cooperative relationship with the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies ever since her tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She supplied HP servers to the CIA for use in warrantless spying on her fellow Americans.
During last month’s CNN debate, Fiorina scoffed at Donald Trump after he said he would meet and talk with Russian president Vladimir Putin, i.e., exercise diplomacy, to resolve the Syria crisis. “Having met Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t talk to him at all,” she huffed. Instead, she would “begin rebuilding the Sixth Fleet” and “conduct regular, aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states,” among other steps, so he would “get the message.”

Apparently, this woman longs for the good old days of the cold war with the Soviet Union when the whole world was just a heartbeat away from total nuclear annihilation. And today she unabashedly admits that if elected president, she would, like a dedicated politically paranoid war-monger, not hesitate to snoop, torture and otherwise aggress against the whole world, including her fellow Americans. 

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