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Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Smoking Gun

Democrats are crowing like banty roosters today in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.  Her performance was flawless, they insist.
Meanwhile, mainstream media headlines assert that Ms Clinton emerged from the hearing victorious and totally unscathed by the proceedings. Some Republicans are even opining that her presidential image was substantially enhanced because of her composure and the way she handled herself during the 11-hour ordeal.
Were they all wearing blinders and ear plugs?
I watched the same event, read the complete transcript.
I  saw the smoking gun.
I saw Hillary Clinton exposed for all to see by her own correspondence; her own testimony and actions, as a serial bald faced liar;  a corrupt and woefully incompetent public servant, beyond any shadow of a doubt.
Of course, we knew all along that this woman had lied repeatedly about her knowledge of the nature and reasons for the September 11, 2012 attack upon the diplomatic compound in Benghazi Libya which resulted in the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.  
But up until now there was no smoking gun.
Clinton calculatedly and deliberately lied when she told Americans and the families of the murdered victims that the attack was initiated as an unplanned spontaneous unforeseeable protest sparked by a YouTube anti-Islamic video – not a preplanned attack by terrorists. She then conspired with the President of the United States and others in his administration to perpetuate the lie for the purpose of covering up their own incompetence and responsibility for what had happened. After all, the presidential election of 2012 was near at hand.
Now we learn for the first time from Clinton’s own official correspondence in the immediate aftermath of the event the concrete proof of that lie – the smoking gun. That correspondence reveals that she communicated to others three times immediately following the event that she knew it was a planned Al-Qaida attack – not a spontaneous protest – she knew it was a planned attack for which she, her State Department and the Obama administration were caught off guard and wholly unprepared.
Now we learn, as a matter of unassailable fact, the concrete proof that the murdered ambassador had been begging and pleading with Hillary Clinton repeatedly to provide a necessary modicum of protection for himself and his staff long before they were murdered. His only recently disclosed correspondence – another smoking gun – reveals some 600 written pleas for more security at the compound.
The compound had already been viciously attacked previously. Everyone knew that terrorists had overrun Benghazi. Several other diplomatic contingents had already fled the dangerous hotbed.
Ms. Clinton testified that she was unaware of that correspondence; all 600 urgent messages of it; she didn’t see any of it; didn’t know about it; wasn’t concerned with it; it wasn’t her responsibility; it wasn’t her job; it wasn’t her fault; she left that sort of mundane trivia up to her staff of “professional security” people. No additional security was provided. And four people were murdered.
Now, Ms Clinton is either lying thru her teeth once again or this is more concrete proof that she was grossly incompetent; asleep at the switch; and completely detached from her subordinates and the serious duties and responsibilities of her office as Secretary of State.
Why was Ms Clinton unaware of Chris Stevens’ pleas, one might reasonably ask?
Well, we found out why at this hearing. There was yet another smoking gun. Ms. Clinton candidly admitted that Ambassador Stevens was not privileged to have at his disposal her private e-mail address. You know that private server she used to conduct all her official business. Stevens didn’t have it. He didn’t have her phone number either. He had no way to contact Hillary Clinton directly. That’s because Hillary Clinton never gave him her email address and phone number. And she never contacted him once during his entire tenure in Libya though he tried in vain to contact her at least 600 times. There is no record of it. That is a smoking gun.
The Democrats want the American people to elect a proven serial liar and incompetent as President of the United States in 2016. The mainstream media appear to be just fine with it. Even many Republicans believe that Hillary Clinton is presidential material.
They don’t seem to care about the smoking gun.

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