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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Government gay bashing in Michigan

Religious extremist gay bashing is alive and well today in Michigan where Republican governor, Rick Snyder, signed three bills into law allowing private adoption agencies the right to refuse adoptions to same-sex couples solely because of religion.

You see, some religious bigots, and the government statists who support them, think that they enjoy the right, not only to freely practice their religion, but also to deny others their constitutional rights to equal protection of the law. These people would much rather see a needy child warehoused in an orphanage than be adopted by loving parents who don’t meet their religious specifications.

Michigan has the fifth largest population of kids in the U.S. waiting to be adopted. The First Amendment doesn’t give religious people the right to deny gays or any other minority, including innocent children who happen to be orphans, their civil rights. If it did then there would be no need to seek laws attempting to circumvent others rights upon ostensible religious grounds.

Religious adoption agencies might be private but they must be licensed by the state which has the responsibility to protect the rights and welfare of children. Allowing a faith based agency to deny civil rights based on religion amounts to state sanctioned religious discrimination which is unconstitutional.

Gays enjoy the same constitutional rights as everyone else, including the right to adopt children so long as they demonstrate the same qualifications to be adoptive parents as straights. I therefore predict that these bigoted laws will be struck down. There should be no more government gay bashing in Michigan.

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  1. It's called freedom of association. If a private entity doesn't want to do business with another private entity, that's their free choice. It's the same thing as you not liking other's opinions on many things. That's what liberty is about. The Constitution is not about putting guns to people's heads to force them to do business with people they don't want to.

    Perhaps some enterprising entrepreneur could set up an adoption agency that caters only to homosexual couples and refuses to work with heterosexual couples. I'll bet this same Michigan law will protect that as well.