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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The GOP has cancer

“Fear of God is absolutely vital…any president who doesn't begin every day on his knees isn't fit to be commander-in-chief of this nation," declared GOP presidential candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa last week.

The irony of this abysmally ignorant nonsense is that, according to Mr. Cruz, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, as well as the remaining six of the first nine presidents of the United States of America, were unfit as commanders-in-chief of this nation. Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the most revered of all Republican presidents, was unfit to hold that office, Mr. Cruz is arguing.

That’s because none of these great Americans were Christians, much less believers in any kind of a personal God who intervenes into the lives of humans. At least 20 of our U.S presidents, and probably many more than that if the truth be told, were not inclined to begin each day in office groveling on their knees in prayer as Mr. Cruz and his ilk would have them do.

The National Religious Liberties Conference is an ultra-right-wing religious extremist organization, reminiscent of the KKK. They actually believe and proclaim openly that their religious liberties should include the right to murder homosexuals and others for the crime of violating God’s commandments in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Ted Cruz was the third Republican presidential candidate to appear at the event. Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee were the other two. All were introduced to the rabid crowd by Pastor Kevin Swanson, who fired them up by declaring that "the sin of homosexuality ... is worthy of death." They should be ashamed of themselves.

“Jesus Christ is king of the President of the United States whether he will admit it or not and that president should submit to His rule and to His law," Swanson screamed. Cruz, Huckabee and Jindal all heartily agreed. No doubt Dr. Ben Carson, and several other GOP candidates who weren’t there, would also readily agree.

Dr. Phillip Kayser, another foaming at the mouth Christian extremist, distributed his ubiquitous pamphlet at the conference calling for the death penalty for all gay people. That pamphlet also states that other offenses deserving of capital punishment include breaking the Sabbath, blasphemy, cursing God, publicly sacrificing to other gods and apostasy.
As long as a belief is a religious one, no one in the government should be able to place any sort of limit on what that religious person chooses to do, maintained Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.  “No Earthly court can change the definition of marriage, no federal government; no ACLU should be able to take away our religious liberty rights; we were given those by God almighty.”
In “secular” America, the radical culture according to Jezebel, is leading to total chaos…witchcraft… drunkenness… homosexuality… cannibalism… vampirism… all are increasingly acceptable, Pastor Swanson raged.
Vampirism??? These are the ravings of a mad man.
Ted Cruz’s father, Christian Pastor Rafael Cruz, frequently featured on the campaign trail with his son, spoke recently to a crowd in Oklahoma against “atheism and secular humanism” claiming that such views are two of the main ills facing society. People who subscribe to such beliefs, said the senior Cruz, should be rounded up and placed in special ‘camps’ to keep them separated from the rest of America.
Cruz warned that atheists are in danger of corrupting the youth of America and called for action before America is overrun. The solution for the “problem of the Godless is creation of a series of Heathen Zones -- fenced-in camps located mostly in Northern California and Vermont.. Any children spawned in these camps would be removed at birth so they would not be drawn into secular humanism via their birth-mother’s tainted breast milk.”
“It’s a free country,” Pastor papa Cruz admits. “If these people need to practice their holy rites of atheism, they can do so, as long as they are in clearly-marked encampments far away from the rest of us… While they’re in their Heathen Zones, they’re free to dance naked around the fire, brand the mark of the Devil on their flesh or whatever else they want to do… Of course, if they step one foot outside the electrified fence we shoot them between the eyes. Two or three times, just to be sure.”
In Cruz’s insanely twisted consciousness: “America is the only country on the face of the earth that was founded on the word of God. Don’t believe this garbage from Obama that this is not a Christian nation, this country was founded by Christians; was founded as a Christian nation… The separation of Church and State is a myth.”
This is the ugly underbelly, if not the true face, of the Republican Party today. This is the primary reason why the average American voter is scared to death of Republicans. Fully 20% of Americans today identify with no religion. They are part of the fastest growing minority in the nation. There are more secular non-believers now than there are Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any other minority.
The Democrat Party welcomes and claims all of these minorities as their own – especially the non-religious -- while the Republican Party insults them and casts them out of the tent. Religious extremists are killing the Republican Party. The Republican Party – the Party of Lincoln, free markets, capitalism, fiscal and personal responsibility and smaller government -- is dying.
The GOP has cancer.


  1. I'm not a scholar of presidential religious beliefs but both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson at least claimed to be Christians. Washington was a member of a Presbyterian church. Jefferson went so far as to compile his own version of the Bible, which ended with the death of Jesus in accordance with Jefferson's own unitarian (as opposed to trinitarian) beliefs.

    Neither of them would likely have recognized modern "evangelical Christianity" as Christianity, though. Depending on how "progressive" their thinking was, they would likely have classified e.g. Pat Robertson, James Dobson et. al as either mentally ill or demonically possessed.

    1. Hi Tom... check your email inbox. You will find extensive documentation that both Washington and Jefferson were not Christians. They, like so many of the other founders, were Deists.

  2. I couldn't find any other way to contact you so please delete this comment if you wish. I came across your post from 2011 "Julian Heicklen: My Hero." Julian is my hero also; I wrote over 70 current event news articles that followed his tenure as a jury nullification activist from beginning to end and collected them into a book, Tyranny Fighters: The Julian Heicklen Chronicles. I'd like to talk to you about Julian and the book. Please contact me at Thanks!