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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Baby crimes?

As the title of my blog implies the focus is on Authority!  What is it? Where does it come from? What does it mean? You know in your heart and your mind that authority is that learned cultural mechanism in consciousness which dictates the sum and substance of our lives. We’re surrounded by it. It’s all man made. You can surrender your consciousness to the cultural authority imposed by others or decide for yourself your authority. It’s up to you.

You are your own authority. Sometimes it’s easy to decide – like the case of the 2-year-old baby girl who received a $75 dollar citation from the local police “authority” for the “crime” of “littering.”  If you’ve decided in your conscious mind that babies can’t commit crimes then you will automatically reject any authority which holds otherwise – like government authority which seeks to hold a baby guilty of, and therefore responsible for, a crime.

If you think that no government authority would seek to charge babies with crimes; think again, because that is exactly what the police authority in Washington D.C. has done to a 2-year-old baby girl. They issued her a citation for littering near an alley by her home. Her totally astonished mother called the Department of Public Works to complain but they refused to void the ticket.

According to The Washington Post, sanitation workers found a piece of trash with the baby girl’s name on it so they had the baby charged with littering. You see, the authority didn’t have probable cause to charge this baby with a crime even if she were not a baby; even if she were an adult. Mother contends that her daughter didn’t haul trash to the alley and there is no witness to say that she did.

So now, after this situation has been reported, and it is crystal clear that the authority is attempting to charge a baby with a crime, the Department of Public Works has issued a statement saying: “Inspectors always evaluate the contents of the waste that appears to be in violation and use identifying information found within the waste to issue a citation. In this instance, we are working with the resident to gather the necessary documentation to dismiss the violation inadvertently given to the two-year old.” 

Only now do they admit that they never had probable cause in the first place and that they may have inadvertently charged a baby with a crime. But how can a police authority “inadvertently” issue and hand a $75 dollar citation to a 2-year-old baby unless they thought they had the necessary authority to charge a baby with a crime? 

Don’t the authorities know from simple reason and logic that babies can’t commit crimes? 

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  1. Interesting comment over at the Rational Review News Digest link to this piece.

    Substance of that comment: Your position here is 180 degrees opposite your position on Donald Trump's deportation demagoguing in your column on the Khizr Khan speech.