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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Birther baloney

Donald Trump took some painful unnecessary lumps Monday night during the debate with Hillary Clinton when he seemed to struggle for credible answers on the so-called “birther” issue. The Democrats and Clinton campaign have been trying to label Trump an evil racist because he had the temerity to question whether Barack Obama was born in the United States and thus qualified to be president. But did Trump start that controversy? No! Did Clinton start it? No! Well, who started it then?

As a matter of fact, Barack Obama started it himself 25 years ago in 1991 when the publisher for one of his books circulated a promotional booklet containing a short biographical sketch declaring unambiguously that he was born in Kenya. So anyone doing in-depth research into the whereabouts of Obama’s birth could have found it and, more importantly, Obama never took steps to correct it if it was inaccurate. On top of that, he stonewalled the release of his Hawaii birth certificate until Trump successfully forced his hand.

Now, few people today, including me and Donald Trump, question the apparent fact that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii USA. That’s because President Obama produced the proof of the matter. Was simply questioning his birth place racist? No. Trump and others questioned Ted Cruz’s qualifications too as he was admittedly born in Canada. That certainly wasn’t racist. Cruz is a white man. There was a legitimate constitutional issue as to whether both men were qualified to be president.

Why, if it was a mistake, didn’t Barack Obama disavow the biographical sketch declaring that he was born in Kenya? Surely he was aware of it. Surely he signed off on it. Doing nothing about it then was a tacit admission that he was born in Kenya. Why did it take 21 long years for the publisher to discover that it was a mistake? Because he was running for President, that’s why, and he would not be qualified if he were born in Kenya.

Why do the Kenyan Parliamentary minutes of November 5, 2008 state of Barak Obama:
“Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country (Kenya). Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates should show the same excitement, pomp and colour.”
Why did First Lady, Michelle Obama say candidly some years ago in a recorded speech that Kenya is her husband’s home country?
“When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there is nothing to be embarrassed about in getting tested.”
Did Barack Obama want to have it both ways? Did he lie about being born in Kenya so that he could sell more books? Who knows? But surely there was enough information out there to create a legitimate suspicion about exactly where he was born and merely investigating the facts about it was not racism.

Trying to tar Donald Trump as a “birther” and therefore a racist is just birther baloney. 


  1. Why do you think that Obama "surely" knew about a Acton & Dystel's client list shared only within the publishing industry? It wasn't associated with an Obama book, because that project was abandoned, and the book was never written.

    You can believe whatever you want to, but the publicist who wrote the bio said that it was her mistake. Just the year before Obama was interviewed by the New York Times who published an article saying he was born in Hawaii. I find it wildly implausible that Obama was telling the NY times one thing and telling his publicist to contradict Americas "paper of record" a few months later.

    1. It's a mystery but I think he probably told his publisher that he was born in Kenya. Not that it matters, but why is Michelle saying Kenya is is home country and why is Kenya formally declaring the same? The point is that there was a discrepancy among the facts which created a legitimate suspicion.

    2. You might find it wildly implausible but the fact is the "born in Kenya" remained intact through 3 updates by 2 separate literary agencies over a period of 16 years, from 1991 to April 21, 2007, more than 2 months after Obama declared himself a candidate for the presidency.

      Drew Zahn in a WorldNetDaily article shows a screenshot from the Wayback Machine of the Dystel & Goderich website's author bio page in 2003 listing Obama as "born in Kenya" and advertising his book Dreams From My Father. Then Zahn shows another screen capture from the Wayback of the Dystel & Goderich website on April 3, 2007 still listing Obama as "born in Kenya" and his book as a New York Times best seller. Then finally on April 21, 2007 another screenshot from the Wayback shows it changed to "born in Hawaii". Not counting the time before that that is 4 years the agency was advertising across the WWWeb his book as a New York Times best seller and listing Obama as "born in Kenya".

      Prior to that the other agency (1st one) spent tens of thousands of dollars to produce a 18 page author bio booklet they sent out to all their colleagues in the booking industry listing Obama as "born in Kenya". That had to be a lot of booklets.

      Based on my research the rumors of Obama being foreigner and/or muslim become persistent around the time he gave his speech at the 2004 Democrat convention. That would coincide with Dystel & Goderich advertising him on its website.