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Monday, November 7, 2016

Bipolar FBI

Does FBI director James Comey suffer from bipolar disease? Is he going out of his way to embarrass himself and his bureau? Does he have a fetish for changing his mind? Or, has he just gone bat shit crazy?

Am I missing something here? Look; I confess; I don’t like Hillary Clinton; I don’t want her elected President; but I don’t want her prosecuted for any crimes either unless there is enough evidence that she’s guilty. If she’s guilty, prosecute her. If she’s not guilty, just leave her alone.

Let’s see if I have this right. After Secretary of State Clinton left office in 2013 there apparently was enough evidence from the 55,000 emails she turned over from her private server indicating  that she feloniously mishandled classified information in violation of one or more federal statutes. The FBI started an investigation which lasted over a year during which hundreds of agents spent thousands of man hours meticulously piecing together the case.

At the end of this long process James Comey told us there was evidence that Clinton violated the law but in his opinion it was not enough to warrant a prosecution. So he closed the case.

That decision caused a firestorm of controversy within the FBI. Agents, who knew otherwise, later discovered 650,000 more relevant emails on a computer shared by one of Clinton’s staffers and her husband who did not enjoy any security clearance for handling classified information. 

On the basis of this “new” information, Comey decided to reopen the case against Clinton just eleven days before the presidential election. That decision caused another firestorm of controversy, this time within the Democratic campaign.

Ok, so there was “new” evidence, and one would think that it would have to be pretty damn strong evidence of guilt in order to cause Comey to change his mind and once again put Clinton in serious jeopardy of criminal prosecution. If she’s guilty, by all means reopen the case, but if it’s nothing, just leave her alone.

But no… now just two days before the election, James Comey changed his mind again. It took him and his G-men over a year to piece together 55,000 emails and decide that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute, but just one week to analyze 650,000 emails and decide that this so-called “new” evidence amounted to nothing.  

Who does he think he’s kidding?

James Comey must be bipolar; he’s an embarrassment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation; he’s demonstrated a peculiar fetish for changing his mind, and yes, I think he’s just gone bat shit crazy.

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