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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Trump Triumphed

Donald J Trump triumphed. He overcame all the odds. His opponents were shocked. The pollsters and pundits were flummoxed. There is rioting in the streets, crying and gnashing of teeth among the inconsolable losers.

What happened? How did he do it? Why?

This election was not a landslide. In fact it was extremely close. It appears that Trump’s opponent won the popular vote by a tiny margin. All of the several key battleground swing states that Trump won – which gave him is victory in the Electoral College – were won by relatively small margins. They might have gone either way depending on voter turnout.

Face it: The influence of progressive socialism in America has grown exponentially during the last several decades. Democrat enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren exemplifies this. The battle between the haves vs. the have nots, the producers vs. the takers, the hosts vs. the parasites, has slowly shifted in favor of the Socialists.

Hatred of capitalism, success, and individual freedom is palpable. Academia, professional teachers and administrators, from pre-school through university on balance has taught our youth the politics of envy, intellectual dishonesty, sloth and entitlement.

Barrack Obama, a charismatic and articulate African American orator, managed to get himself elected twice because of this shift, together with the fact that he would be the first black president. His skin color was far more important to the voters than his mediocre qualifications to hold office.

So despite all his many failures as president those same voters got behind the most corrupt and dishonest person ever to seek the presidency simply because she’s a woman and would thus become the first woman president. Her vagina was far more important to them than her record and political attributes.

In short, Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate for president. She was dishonest, two faced, self-dealing, lazy, and un-charismatic; no one liked her; few trusted her; she carried more baggage than a cruise ship; and her long record of political failures, character flaws, criminality and abysmal incompetence was well documented in so many ways – think FBI investigation, WikiLeaks and Project Veritas. 

This was the gift that kept on giving for Donald Trump.

But there is no doubt in my mind that if Hillary Clinton were simply a halfway decent human being, like Bernie Sanders, for example, she – not Donald Trump -- would be the President Elect today no matter what Trump said or did during his campaign. She would have won in exactly the same way Obama won with his mediocre record in 2012 even though Mitt Romney was decidedly the better candidate for the job.

Did you notice that Clinton spent 3 times or more money than Trump did on her campaign but held five or more times less events and rallies, and that the rallies she did hold attracted many times less people than Trump’s rallies attracted? That’s because her message was boring, stale, scripted, and even her most ardent supporters weren’t interested in what she had to say. She had nothing of substance to say.

Trump’s message by contrast was spot on. His supporters loved it. He would often hold five different rallies per day in five different states, each attracting tens of thousands of screaming, sign waving, enthusiastic supporters, while Clinton could barely manage to pull a few hundred stiffs to her infrequent events. Sometimes she had to pay them to come. And she would often go days and weeks without campaigning while Trump just kept going and going and going.

Donald Trump focused on the issues most important to productive hard working Americans – government corruption in Washington; the economy; jobs; GDP growth; foreign trade deals; illegal immigration; energy policy; taxes; business; stifling government regulations; healthcare; gun rights; education; foreign policy; ISIS terror threats; infrastructure; National defense; and veterans affairs reform.

He successfully convinced his audience that the level of corruption, waste and fraud in America has advanced to intolerable nation threatening levels, and that he will do what is necessary to fix it. He’s going to drain the swamp in Washington.

Imagine the impact of that message with all the elite swamp creatures and cock roaches on K Street and within the D.C. belt-way. These are the rich fat parasites that have been sucking the blood and vital nutrients of our nation for far too many decades and therefore hate Donald Trump’s guts. He’s going to shine the light on them. He’s going to root them out and pick them off like bloated ticks one by one.

Decent patriotic hard working producing Americans love Trump’s message.

That’s why Trump Triumphed.


  1. "Decent patriotic hard working producing Americans love Trump's message."

    And they'll probably continue to love it until oh, January 20th, 2017 or so.

    1. Your cynicism knows no bounds, Tom... I hope that Trump is successful.

    2. There is no Trump Guarantee of Happiness (TM). As such he may disappoint. Knapp only claims probably. He just _might_ be right.

  2. Timothy,

    It's not a matter of being "successful." Trump changes his mind every 30 seconds on every issue -- at least for the last year or so. Before that he was just a boilerplate northeastern progressive, which is probably where his heart is.

    So the two possibilities are that he will go back to being a boilerplate northeastern progressive and measure "success" in those terms, or that he'll just go with whatever happens, pretend that was what he wanted, and claim "success" every time.

    1. Well... at least he is 100 times better than the ugly alternative... he'll be successful in my opinion if he can achieve half of what he promised... I'll be watching.

    2. There were several alternatives, almost all of them much better.

      As far as the MAIN alternative was concerned, there were slight differences that pretty much evened out.

      I'm trying to think of ANYTHING he promised that shouldn't be a capital offense, and coming up short.

    3. Timothy what two items do you think that Trump will deliver in the near future? I'd love to have a couple of goal posts to judge by.