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Friday, January 20, 2017

Abortion extortion

What would you think of a law that allowed new home buyers to sue the builder when they change their mind about the design long after the house is built? Do you think that home builders would be willing to build houses under such circumstances? 

Obviously, such a law would encourage buyers to extort product and service providers for money damages without cause for simply doing what they contracted to do. You would think that’s ridiculous. You would think that’s unconstitutional.

Tell that to the Iowa Republican parasite politicians who are considering a law that would allow a woman who gets a legal abortion to sue the doctor who performed it if she experiences emotional distress later. They’re Hell bent on extorting physicians into not performing abortions. What doctor would continue performing legal abortions if they knew that the patient could sue them later for merely doing what he or she contracted to do?

The law would permit a woman to file a lawsuit against the medical providers at any point in her life. So 20 or 30 years after the fact a woman who changes her mind and alleges emotional distress could sue her doctor for cash money.

"What we're asking for is that individuals, doctors and clinics that make money off of women by giving them abortions are simply held accountable," declared the GOP religious parasite who introduced the bill. . "That's all this does. It protects women from people who would normally be trying to sell them something in a time when they are under the most stress that is kind of imaginable."

Accountable for what? The woman is the one who made the decision which is allegedly causing her mental anguish – not the medical provider. Surely she should be the only defendant in such a lawsuit. She should be suing herself. This law doesn’t protect a woman from anything. It would simply extort medical providers out of the practice of providing legal abortions.

"The bill's intent is clear: To demonize abortion providers, set up an adversarial relationship between provider and patient, shame women and block access to reproductive health care," declared a spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa.

That’s an understatement.

This is nothing less than abortion extortion. 

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  1. Luckily this ridiculous bill has no chance of becoming law. Its sole purpose is to grandstand, and by raging against it, you're actually playing into the hands of the idiots who are proposing it.