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Monday, January 9, 2017

Russian to judgment

This ongoing Russian/U.S. election hacking “scandal” is the biggest international political uproar over nothing I’ve ever seen. We’re supposed to be shocked – shocked – that the Russians might have been engaged in activities that the United States and every other nation in the history of the planet has been doing routinely for thousands of years

The hypocrisy with this amusing situation is palpable. After all, when it comes to spying, hacking and meddling in the affairs of other people and countries, surely the United States is second to none. No nation does it better than us. 

We invented computers. We invented the Internet. We have all of sixteen separate intelligence agencies – spy agencies -- here. Every one of them has been spying, hacking and meddling constantly at least since the end of WWII.

We don’t simply spy, hack and meddle in foreign affairs. We don’t just try to influence their elections. That’s child’s play for the United States of America. Yes. Our own government has graduated from mere child’s play long ago. We’re now in the nasty habit of completely toppling other governments whenever we feel like it, for the purpose of installing regime change to our liking. We are the masters of espionage and political destruction.

So for our government to cry foul so stridently demanding punishment and sanctions against Russia for hacking the DNC’s and John Podesta’s emails; for threating to start WWIII over such nonsense is ridiculous. And that is assuming – Russian to judgment if you will – that they are the “culprits” who leaked the information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of sabotaging Clinton’s campaign and thereby helping Trump win the election.

I, for one, don’t think the Russians did what they’re accused of doing, but even if they did all of what our sixteen intelligence agencies insist they did, it amounts to absolutely nothing. All of the hacked information gathered and leaked was 100% true. No one is disputing the veracity of it. The Democrats were up to no good and they got caught. That’s the long and the short of it. Maybe the Russians did us all a big favor.

Any computer savvy individual could have hacked that information without leaving a trace. That’s because the information wasn’t the least bit secure. The password to Podesta’s email account, for example, was “PASSWORD.” How much hacking do you think was required to get into his account?

We know for certain now, ever since the Edward Snowden revelations, that our own American intelligence community was in possession of all the same information from its inception. They have all of my emails. They have all of your emails. They have everyone’s emails.

There is nothing electronically that we can do which escapes the attention of our own spooks. So why didn’t our own spy’s do what they’re accusing the Russians of doing? They surely had the motive, the means and the opportunity. There are plenty of spooks in our own intelligence community who wanted Clinton sabotaged and Trump to win.

And Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, insists that the Russians were not the source. Who do you believe – a pack of professional liars from Clapper to Comey, or Julian Assange, a proven truth teller; and a man of integrity?

Finally, think about this: why would the Russians want Donald Trump as president over Hillary Clinton? I can’t think of a single logical reason. I can think of lots of good reasons why our own spooks would want Trump though. After all, Trump is tough, smart, and competent. Clinton is sick, weak, stupid, pliable and lazy. Clinton could easily be blackmailed and manipulated by Putin. Nobody manipulates Trump.

I think thoughtful Americans should think this all over very carefully and in the end refrain from Russian to judgment 


  1. "We invented computers."

    Charles Babbage and Alan Turing were British. Konrad Zuse was German.

  2. Good column. I just want to comment on one sentence:

    "There is nothing electronically that we can do which escapes the attention of our own spooks."

    I think that's overly defeatist. We can encrypt every file that leaves the confines of our computers, and using Tor we can move those files to and from the cloud without government thugs knowing anything but the bandwidth we've used. We can arrange with friends to access the files we've posted, thus circumventing email altogether. Or we can use email but send encrypted files, or music and image files that contain secretly-embedded information (steganography).

    This is not to say the situation isn't bad; it is. Government criminals are everywhere, snooping on us and trying to run our lives. But it's not quite as desperate as this column would make out.

  3. JdL,

    All the things you list are great practices (although they can be cumbersome, of course).

    BUT: If state agents REALLY want to know what you're doing, encryption and such are not enough to stop them. At a bare minimum you'd need to build a computer from thoroughly vetted parts, then bury that computer in a hole in the ground in a Faraday cage and run it on battery power or power generated within that cage, perhaps surround the cage with other electronic emissions producing equipment, and encrypt everything on that computer before hand-carrying it out to load onto another computer for transmission. For more information, look up "Tempest" and "Van Eck Phreaking."

    I'm not saying the above would be ENOUGH, mind you. Just that that's the minimum you would have to do to hope for security IF THE STATE NOTICES YOU AND CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

    The best defense against state prying is for them not to notice you and care about what you're doing.