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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Public School food Nazis

Welcome to twenty-first century public school where compulsory education statists rifle through the lunch boxes of hapless captive children looking for contraband in the form of forbidden foods. Mind you, not illegal recreational drugs, but ordinary desert.

This particular horror story comes to us from Australia but could just as well from the heartland of America. Public school food Nazis everywhere are claiming the right to dictate what mothers can pack their kids for lunch. That’s right. They’re telling us what your child can and cannot eat.  

You see, these Nazis have come up with a school “healthy” foods policy. Banned foods on the list are any "that may contain excess energy (kilojoules), saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt." This means that sweet deserts are taboo. A piece of cake is a no-no. Soda pop and deep-fried foods? Forget about it mom; they’re on the no-no list too.

A loving Australian mom found this out the hard way when she packed a slice of chocolate cake in her kindergartener daughter’s lunch bag for her to enjoy at school. It set off alarm bells when the authorities opened the bag to inspect the contents for food contraband as it absolutely violated the school healthy foods policy. Chocolate cake falls into the “Red Food Category.” It’s too sweet. It tastes too good.

So they confiscated the food and sent the poor little kid home with a nasty note saying: “Your child has chocolate slice from the Red Food category today. Please choose healthier options.”

They’ve got some nerve, don’t they?

What else can we expect from public school food Nazis?

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