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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The rule of law equals terror?

The Catholic Church in Mexico has come up with a brand new definition of the word “terrorism.” It tells us that the rule of law in America equals terror. Never-mind that it’s precisely the opposite of terror, the Church doesn’t like American law so it’s “terrorism.” 

In this case, the Archdiocese of Mexico is calling President Donald Trump’s immigration measures "migrant terrorism" and said Mexican officials’ reaction is lukewarm and submissive.

The truth of the matter, however, is that all President Trump is doing is enforcing the federal immigration law that has been on the books for decades. That is “not only the application of an inhuman legalism but a true act of terror,” declares the Church.

“Our undocumented brothers are afraid, their children suffer a real psychosis, while the Mexican authorities are not able to act, they only make statements and promises; their reactions are lukewarm, they also show fear, and worse, submission.., They are still waiting for the U.S. president to come to his senses, when he has demonstrated, since he was a candidate, that his method is precisely being unreasonable.”

The Mexican church actually believes that all Mexicans have an unfettered right to cross the border into the U.S. illegally and not be deported even if they commit felonies and other serious violent crimes here. The Mexican government has an obligation to support those criminals in what the Church calls “a humanitarian emergency.”

 “We do not see firmness in the defense of our sovereignty; we do not see dignity in dealing with our northern neighbor; we do not see effective strategies to help our compatriots; we do not see ability or intelligence in those responsible for dealing with this humanitarian crisis,” says the Church.

Now, of course, if you or I crossed the border into Mexico illegally, applied for welfare benefits there, and committed serious crimes, our sorry asses would be thrown into a squalid Mexican prison and we would consider ourselves to be mighty lucky indeed if we were eventually deported back to the U.S. after a long sentence at hard labor.

You can bet that the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Mexico wouldn’t give damn about us in that situation. 

That’s because they don’t believe that the rule of law in Mexico is “terror.” 

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  1. Actually, rule of law in the US says that the federal government has no authority to regulate immigration (US Constitution, Article I, Section 9).

    And even if that were not the case, there's no inherent incompatibility between rule of law and terror. The French, Soviet and Nazi terrors were all conducted with a great deal of attention to the laws enabling those terrors.