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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

White chicks can’t wear braids

I’ve always thought that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but did you know that it is considered by many politically correct snowflake morons as extremely offensive and bad form for members of one ethnic group to “appropriate” the cultural aspects and practices of a different ethnic group?

Yes, it’s difficult to for me to imagine why someone in her right mind might become violently offended enough to physically assault another person simply because a hairstyle, for instance, was supposedly “culturally appropriated.”

But now it happens all the time.

Hampshire College student, Carmen Figueroa,  for example, recently assaulted a member of the Central Maine Community College girls’ basketball team over concerns that one of their players had “culturally appropriated” a hairstyle.

Cultural appropriation is defined as the “taking over of creative or artistic forms, themes, or practices by one cultural group from another. It is in general used to describe Western appropriations of nonWestern or nonwhite forms, and carries connotations of exploitation and dominance.”

Figueroa had the nerve to order white members of the Central Maine Community College girls’ basketball team to remove braids from their hair, claiming that their use of the hairstyle is black “cultural appropriation.” When they refused to comply with her ridiculous demands she reportedly assaulted one of them.

So you see, in today’s convoluted insane politically correct society, white folks can’t eat soul food; white folks can’t listen to blues music; white chicks can’t wear dreadlocks, because it might offend black folks; because that is offensive and exploitative; and, yes…

White chicks can’t wear braids. 

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  1. Following the logic (I use the term loosely) of these snowflakes, black students should be screamed at for using a knife, fork, or spoon when they eat, as that practice was "culturally appropriated" from whites.

    It's hard to imagine a life so empty that whining over such things would seem important.