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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Creepy Joe

What do you suppose a young female child would think about a male stranger using his status and position to take intimate physical liberties with her in the presence of her family? How would she feel about him putting his hands on her; fondling her; caressing her; sniffing and running his fingers through her hair; putting his face in hers; whispering sweet nothings into her ear and trying to kiss her?

She’d be creeped out, of course.

That’s why every mother everywhere has a parental obligation to teach her sons emphatically to keep his hands strictly to himself when it comes to politely socializing with the opposite sex. Sadly, if Joe Biden’s mother ever taught him that essential lesson, he forgot it immediately. He turned out instead to be Creepy Joe. And amazingly he doesn’t think he’s done the slightest thing wrong.

In the midst of the recent explosion of sexual misconduct and harassment incidents in the news these days it’s become apparent to me that some men, Creepy Joe Biden, for example, who are guilty as sin of the most egregious examples, have no clue that they are doing anything wrong. He gropes and fondles little girl’s right in front of their parents. And he believes his creepiness -- taking liberties with all females -- time and time again, is perfectly normal.

Just look at all these examples. You have to see it to believe it.

According to an ex- Secret Service agent who spoke on condition of anonymity, Biden “would mess with every single woman or teen.” A Christmas get-together at the VP’s house had to be canceled “because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriends asses.” The Service often had to protect female agents from him. Biden was prone to parading around the VP residence late at night with no clothes on. “I mean, Stark naked… Weinstein level stuff,” said the agent.

During one alleged incident in 2009, Biden cupped the breast of a Secret Service agent’s girlfriend during a photo, prompting the agent to shove Biden and almost hit him. Men would often stand in front of female agents and Navy women or create false pretenses to have them leave the room just to get them away from Biden, according to the agent.

That’s why he’s known as Creepy Joe.

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  1. I dislike Biden with a passion, but an anonymous agent without any verifiable details (who were the victims, when did it allegedly happen, etc.) should be skepticized. Most of the women accusing all of these men (Franken, et al.) of sexual assault and harassment have been identified. I'm surprised you believe this. Information from Infowars needs to be taken with a grain of salt until it is verified.