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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Parasite Perks

Did you know that, among the numerous overly generous government perks enjoyed by our parasitical elected lawmakers in Congress, are confidentiality and immunity from the financial consequences of their own egregious illegal discrimination and sexual harassment conduct with employees and staff at the office?

That’s right! We the taxpayers pay the price for it. It’s not the parasite’s problem. It’s our problem. And it’s all kept a secret.

Let’s say that Congressman Hans Groper, for instance, is fond of taking unwanted sexual liberties with one of his young female staffers. She files a complaint about it. Her claim is eventually settled in secret for a specified amount of money. A nondisclosure document is signed. The money comes from a fund within the US Treasury set up to handle such settlements. That’s how it goes. Between 1997 and 2017, Congress (i.e. taxpayers) has paid $17 million in settlements for the benefit of its parasites.

Reports call sexual harassment rampant on Capitol Hill. Female lawmakers are making allegations of sexual harassment against unnamed members who are currently in office, and the unveiling of a new bill on Wednesday to change how sexual harassment complaints are reported and resolved.

The Congressional Office of Compliance (OOC) has come under fire in recent days for what lawmakers and Hill aides alike say are its antiquated policies that do not adequately protect victims who file complaints. There have been 268 settlements. The fund was set up by the Congressional Accountability Act, the 1995 law that created the Office of Compliance.

Yes, and what about the victims who don’t file the complaints and have done nothing of what is complained of – the taxpayers who are stuck with the bill? What about the parasites who cause all the trouble but face zero consequences?

We chalk it to parasite perks.

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