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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pretty Please Give Me Back My Spy Drone

The Obama administration this week formally requested that Iran return our U.S. spy drone airplane captured by Iranian armed forces recently after flying over Iranian territory in Iranian air space in violation of international law.
The President, without offering an apology for violating Iran’s sovereignty, said that he wants the sophisticated top-secret aircraft back. "We have asked for it back. We'll see how the Iranians respond," he stated on Monday.
Fat chance of that, I think. Why should they give it back?
"The Americans have perhaps decided to give us this spy plane," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gloated. "We now have control of this plane." "There are people here who have been able to control this spy plane, who can surely analyze this plane's system also. “... In any case, now we have this spy plane." "Very soon, [the Americans] they're going to learn more about the abilities and possibilities of our country."
Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi shrugged off the request for return of the spy drone and said the United States should apologize for invading Iranian air space instead of asking for the return of the unmanned aircraft.

Former Vice President, and rabid foaming at the mouth military Chicken Hawk, Dick Cheney, insisted that Obama should have immediately ordered an “air strike” on Iran after they captured the drone. He called the incident "a significant intelligence loss," and mocked the President for limiting his options by begging to “please give it back.”
“The right response to that would have been to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it,” Cheney barked. “You can do that from the air. You can do that with a quick air strike, and in effect make it impossible for them to benefit from having captured that drone.
That’s the same old bloodthirsty torture happy saber rattling war mongering Dick Cheney from Bush days of yore talking. In his opinion, by jingo, the United States should compound its violation of international law with an all-out act of war.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta both said they are not optimistic about getting the drone back because of recent Iranian behavior that Clinton said indicated "that the path that Iran seems to be going down is a dangerous one for themselves and the region."
"We submitted a formal request for the return of our lost equipment as we would in any situation to any government around the world," Clinton sniffed. "Given Iran's behavior to date we do not expect them to comply but we are dealing with all of these provocations and concerning actions taken by Iran in close concert with our closest allies and partners," she added.
How about that? Forget about American provocations, concerning actions and bad behavior, i.e. illegally sending a drone airplane into Iranian airspace to spy on them; just blame Iran instead for embarking down a dangerous path for not meekly submitting to our request for giving it back.  
After all, it’s not really a spy plane in Clinton’s arrogant and deluded mind; the U.S. didn’t do anything wrong as far as she’s concerned; it’s simply “lost equipment” we would expect any government around the world to return to us.
The nerve of that woman! The nerve of Dick Cheney and my U.S. government! Have they no sense of shame?
What would they be saying and doing if the tables were slightly turned? If Iran launched a spy drone over New York City or Washington D.C., and we captured it, are they having us believe that we noble Americans would just give them back their “lost equipment,” pretty please?  
I hardly think so.
If it were up to old blood ‘n guts Dick Cheney, in that situation, we’d be giving Iran another flying gift wrapped present -- one of our nuclear warhead missiles to chew on.

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  1. Right on target! I sure wish some reporter would ask Ms. Clinton what the U.S. would do if it captured an Iranian plane in American airspace. I can't imagine her giving a response that would not expose completely her hypocrisy.