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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trump Dump

Donald Trump, aka “The Donald,” of "Apprentice” reality TV and real estate mogul fame, was boasting recently that he’s been asked to moderate an upcoming Republican presidential debate in Iowa on Dec. 27, after which he says he’ll endorse one of the candidates.
 If his chosen candidate, i.e. apprentice, doesn’t get the nomination and he’s not happy with the one who does, Trump pompously declared that he'll run as an independent.

"If I endorse somebody, I'm with that person," said Trump. "But if somebody else gets in who I think is somebody that I don't think is appropriate for the job, I don't think could win, I don't think would do well and would maybe not be a good president, and if the economy continues to be bad, I would run as an independent, yes. I don't want to do that, I love what I'm doing, and I'm doing it well, but if -- if -- those circumstances happen to happen, I would do that, yes."

Mr. Trump just dumped another truckload of baloney on us, and that’s saying it politely. He loves what he's doing and he’s doing it well. How anyone can possibly believe anything this guy says; how he can possibly continue to enjoy any credibility at all among intelligent people, after what he did earlier this year is far beyond my humble comprehension. We’ve seen his show before.

As I posted last May, Donald Trump already said he was a candidate for president, but it was a hoax. It was bullshit; a complete and total sham. He wasn’t serious. He never intended to actually run. He did it for the sole purpose of promoting himself and his “Apprentice” TV reality show. He did it for the money.

After traveling about the country for months attracting as much attention to himself as he could; bragging about how he was doing it for the good of his nation; how much he loved his country; what he would do to China; how he would “kick China’s ass”; how he would make the world stop laughing at us; casting aspersions on Obama’s claim to American citizenship; and otherwise bellowing loudly at every opportunity, and making a complete ass of himself, he decided he wouldn’t run after all.

"I will not be running for president as much as I'd like to," he said just a matter of days before the season’s last episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The timing was perfect. "The Celebrity Apprentice has made a lot of money for charity and I want to continue in that role,” Trump explained with a straight face.

Gee, and I really thought he loved his country. He had me fooled for sure. Who would have doubted that a lousy TV show would be more important to him than the presidency of the United States? And now he’s actually doing it again. He wants to turn the Republican presidential primary race into his own personal reality TV show.

"This is just about the most important election we've had in a hundred years,” says The Donald. "It is so important because the country is at a point where if it goes in the wrong direction any longer. It's going to be very, very hard for this country to come back. I'm really not viewing it in any other way. I'm honored that they asked me… I probably will get really great ratings. I'm a ratings machine for whatever reason, that's what they say in all of the newspapers anyway."

There’s no humility in Donald Trump.

"I really believe that it's time that a third party candidate could absolutely run and win. I believe that. I think that can happen -- I think it's set -- people are very unhappy and I must say I'm a Republican but very unhappy with the Republicans. And they're very, very unhappy with the Democrats and the president in particular. So, if there were ever a time for a third party run, this would be it."

Newt Gingrich is scheduled to meet with the great man this week at his office at the top of Trump Tower in New York City to kiss his ring and beg for an endorsement.

"Newt is actually a member of a great club that I own in Washington, right outside of Washington,” Trump brags. “And he's a tremendous guy and everybody at that place really likes him a lot. That tells you something, by the way, 'cause I know plenty of people that you and I both know and people that work at different clubs and places I know -- they don't like those people. But he's a very popular guy there."

Blah, blah, blah … it never ends with The Donald.

He’s not going to run for president as a third party candidate; no way, but if by some freak of circumstance he does, it will be for solely the attention, the self gratification, the addiction for flattery, and no doubt the money. That’s why he did it before. It will not be because he loves his country. I’m still laughing about that one.

Ron Paul and John Huntsman have both said “no thanks” to an invitation to Trump’s Iowa debate circus, and rightly so in my opinion. Paul said it was beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency to participate in that type of charade.

Trump will simply be using the other candidates for his own megalomaniacal purposes. A potential candidate himself moderating a debate between the genuine candidates; it’s unbelievable.

But the two smartest ones have decided not to show up for the Trump dump.

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  1. Mr. Taylor, normally I agree with you but this time your wrong. There is one scenario where Trump will run aa a third party candidate and that is if Ron Paul becomes the Republican nominee. Above all else the neocons will not permit a Paul presidency because they know that it will be the end of their little socialist scam. Trump knows that he will not win the presidency but will hand the presidency back to Obama by splitting the conservative/ independant vote. They would much rather see Obama get re-elected than a the Paul administration that will undo everything the neocons have worked for (war in the middle east, broke American middle class etc.).