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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cop Crooks

Cops in America, especially New York City cops, are traditionally just as crooked as any other type of criminal,. When they’re not lying under oath, cheating, murdering and stealing on the job they’re busy violating constitutional rights and arresting innocent folks who happen to be in the wrong place at the right time.
I wouldn’t trust a New York cop to walk my dog.
Two New York City Police Department officers have recently confirmed in a court of law that their bosses are continuing the use of an arrest quota system even after the state legislature explicitly banned the practice in August of 2010.
The lawsuit was brought by New Yorkers who feel they’ve been unjustly ticketed, detained or arrested. Cops dispute that they’re running a quota system. They call the practice “performance goals” instead.
Officer Pedro Serrano, 43, said while giving testimony in the class action lawsuit against the NYPD he was labeled a rat for refusing to bring in the 20 citations and one arrest per month required of him. He also confirmed that the police union had accepted the quota system.
He testified that he became worried he would be “set up” and fired after discovering stickers on his locker and on a roster list labeling him a “rat.”
Another cop witness in the case, Officer Adhyl Polanco, testified that a representative of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association confirmed that the union trustees are okay with the quota requirement.
An audio tape played in the courtroom featured a police captain threatening to fire lower-ranked officers who do not enforce the quotas on beat cops.
So the entire New York City Police Department from management to rank and file officers to union representatives is rotten to the core with crooked cops who are out on the streets looking to fill their quotas of saps to ticket or arrest whether guilty or innocent of any wrongdoing.
And be careful; they’ll riddle your carcass with bullets if you make the slightest move for your cell phone.
They’re cop crooks.

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