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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stealing is the Purpose of Governments

Since the dawn of human civilization stealing values from the populace has been the essential purpose of governments.

The Pharaohs and Kings of ancient civilizations actually owned in the entirety all the lands under their dominion and control together will all the personal property including the pitiful human inhabitants who lived at the whim and mercy of their rulers.

In short, most ancient rulers together with the ruling class – their extended families -- simply stole all the property in the kingdom for their personal use, including the very lives and labor of the people, leaving only miserly scraps for most of their subjects with which to eke out a subsistence living.

Even today in communist hell holes like North Korea the dear leader and his small cadre of government thugs have essentially stolen everything in the country while leaving their people starving and in miserable poverty with no chance at any sort of decent existence.

Stealing valuables from the people is how governments stay in power. And that includes the once magnificent but now terminally corrupt and bloated government of the United States of America.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that governments everywhere on the planet today are beginning to come apart at the seams after centuries of theft and political corruption at the expense of the people. It has happened again and again countless times over the last 10,000 years.

The recent financial crisis in Cyprus is one of the latest frightening examples of blatant government theft. Most of the socialistic European governments are fast approaching the financial breaking point in which they cannot seem to steal valuables from the people fast enough to avoid their own collapse.

In Cyprus the government is abandoning any pretence of respect for individual private property, honesty and integrity. The parasitical government thugs have closed all the banks in that small island nation and are now in the process of looting private money – in some cases up to 40% of the funds -- from innocent account holders, to help pay for a (EURO) $15.8 billion financial bailout for the purpose of putting off government bankruptcy.

"It's a precedent for all European countries. Their money in every bank is not safe," said lawyer Simos Angelides at an angry protest outside parliament in Cyprus' capital, Nicosia, where people chanted, "Thieves, thieves!"

"The damage is done," said Louise Cooper, who heads financial research firm CooperCity in London. "Europeans now know that their savings could be used to bail out banks."

This sets an ugly new precedent that is likely to spread throughout Europe and eventually to the United States if these governments don’t begin to bring unsustainable spending under control.

Until now, tax hikes and thefts from bond-holders have been how Europe's bailouts have been handled. But confiscating savings in banks and denying people access to their property without warning is something entirely different. That is bound to do great damage to peoples’ willingness to save, invest and build wealth.

Think again if you don’t believe this kind of government burglary could ever happen in the United States. Even now there are Washington politicians who are greedily contemplating the expropriation of the $19 trillion in Americans' private retirement savings accounts to pay for more big government spending and financial bailouts.

They’ve already done it with the Social Security Trust Fund. That’s been thoroughly looted leaving only a worthless IOU, so why not private pension funds? We are fast approaching the point where we’re forced to kiss individual freedom goodbye.

Without private property there is no freedom.

There are no longer any safe places in the word to keep your money. Even if you bury it in the back yard or under your mattress it will eventually become worthless from inflation brought on by the government printing presses.

In the midst of all this worldwide financial woe, including our own financial crises at home, we see that Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, and his entourage of government parasites just finished spending the unbelievable sum of $585,000 for a one-night stay in a Paris hotel. His one-night stay in London while on the same trip cost taxpayers nearly $460,000.

The costs "are in line with high-level travel across multiple administrations," explained an unnamed State Department official.

Then there’s President Obama who recently flew his Boeing 747 jumbo jet Air Force One on a four hours round trip to Chicago at a cost of $182,000 per flight hour, not including separate planes with his massive security detail, for a photo op and a 15-minute teleprompter speech about reducing the national appetite for oil.

With ridiculous government spending like that it becomes obvious once more that stealing is the purpose of governments.

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