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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Parasite Picnics

Never-mind the recent negative publicity about government parasites lavishing themselves with unnecessary and expensive perks, the culprits are still at it and going strong. They seem to think that an appointment to a government job entitles them to the same amenities as the President of the United States or perhaps the Queen of England.
The latest scandal involves the United States Attorney General and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director abusing their access to government property for personal profit.
Two high-tech luxury jets that the FBI had earlier convinced Congress were needed for the fight against global terrorism have instead been used by Attorney General Eric Holder and his predecessors, as well as FBI Director Robert Mueller, for their high-flying private personal travel.
They and their recent predecessors, including former Attorneys General Michael Mukasey and Alberto Gonzales, have racked up nearly 700 "non-mission" trips between 2007 and 2011, at a whopping cost of $11.4 million, according to the Government Accountability Office.
“These luxury jets were supposedly needed for counter terrorism, but it turns out that they were used almost two-thirds of the time for jet-setting executive travel,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
In November 2010, a personal trip taken by the attorney general to New York on the Gulf stream V, for example,  had an estimated flight cost of $15,894, but the reimbursement at the equivalent commercial fare was $420.80. The report said that for 88 of the trips, the attorney general reimbursed for a total amount of $47,000. The FBI director reimbursed roughly $4,500 for a total of 10 trips.
“I’m really interested in how the Attorney General can claim that federal law enforcement agents will be cut, knowing that over the last five years the Department has allowed for millions of dollars to be spent on personal travel. It’s ludicrous,” Sen. Grassley said.
This, in my opinion, makes the two highest law enforcement officers in the United States and their predecessor’s high stakes criminals whose conduct is far worse than that of any of the numerous felons they routinely arrest and prosecute for other nefarious crimes.
They’re literally stealing money from the American people for their own personal use. That is where the $millions of dollars for the so-called War on Terror are going; into the boated bellies of the fat-assed government parasites. They should be locked up in the penitentiary with the rest of the dangerous criminals doing hard labor and eating stale bread with tepid water for their crimes.
Meanwhile, the rest of the government parasites, oblivious to the rage of the common people over their wasteful spending habits, are still picnicking lavishly on the taxpayers tab with dozens of “big ticket” conferences costing $340 million.
That infamous 2010 Las Vegas bash, held by the General Services Administration, which had lawmakers fuming last year because it cost more than $800,000, wasn't that unusual after all. A new congressional report shows taxpayers picked up the tab for at least 894 conferences in 2012 -- to the tune of $340 million. Those figures only cover "big-ticket" conferences -- or those that cost $100,000 or more -- so the total figure is likely much higher.
The Defense Department alone, held nearly 300 conferences at a cost of $89 million. The Department of Veterans Affairs held 127 at a cost of $72.7 million; the Justice Department held 107 at a cost of $58.7 million; and the Department of Health and Human Services held 140, at a cost of $56.1 million.
Right now President Obama and the Congress are squealing like stuck pigs over the fact that sequestration has set in cutting a paltry $85 billion from future government growth, yet the legions of parasites feeding at the taxpayer’s trough continue wasting large amounts of cash just to satisfy their own personal criminal appetites for goodies.  
Sequestration is not going to stop them. It’s not even going to slow them down.
The parasite picnics are here to stay.

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