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Monday, February 24, 2014

Statist Flag Flying Neurosis

Most American statist politicians are chronically afflicted with that common mental disorder in consciousness, the one characterized by symptoms such as compulsive acts, hysteria, anxiety, depression, or obsessive behavior which dominates their personalities, but without objective evidence of actual underlying physical disease.
In short, they suffer with various degrees and manifestations of neurosis. Consequently they often impose their wholly irrational neurotic thoughts and compulsive behavior on their politically captive constituents.
One such typical obsessive compulsive example is their need to constantly display worship for all things American, especially the American flag, which they regard as on the level of a government deity.
These people love to wear those American flag lapel buttons on their suit jackets identifying them as Americans as if we might not know. They’d feel naked without them. They insist of forcing little school children to worship America and the American flag by mindlessly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every day.
And they want Americans to buy stuff that’s made in America even if foreign products are cheaper and better. If rational Americans don’t share their irrational neurosis about America and all things American, they resort to passing laws in Congress requiring the sheep to conform.
Under a new law signed as part of the 2014 omnibus appropriations bill, any flag purchased by the Defense Department is required to be 100 percent made in America. So American flags made in foreign lands will no longer fly over military bases.
It’s going make the anxious hysterical lawmakers feel so much better even though such flags made in the U.S. (which look exactly the same) are far more expensive than foreign made flags. Of course, the statists know that so they didn’t go so far as to mandate American made flags at all other federal facilities – they’re just too damned expensive.
Another law, however, already requires all federal government American flags be made of at least 50 percent of materials made in the U.S. A 1941 law bans the Defense Department from buying items like food and clothing from foreign countries.
Flags made in China, the largest foreign importer, cost significantly less than ones produced in the United States. An estimated $3.3 million worth of American flags are imported from Beijing each year.
Foreign-made American flags became an issue in the aftermath of 9/11, when Americans were flocking to stores to purchase flags to fly on their homes or cars. U.S. manufacturers could not keep up with the demand, so China stepped in. Foreign imports of the flags were generally valued at about $1 million a year before 9/11, but surged to $52 million in the weeks that followed.
Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., a Vietnam War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, who wrote the new legislation, said he did so for economic as well as symbolic reasons. "I thought it was appalling our Department of Defense would have flags made in other countries," he whined. "But it's also important because we need to be making more in America."
Think about it for a moment. What the hell difference does it make to any healthy minded rational person where a goddamned flag was made? It’s just a symbol; a piece of cloth with stars and stripes sewn on it.
Whether it was made in Beijing or Buffalo it still looks exactly the same; one is indistinguishable from the other. If you can buy one for $50 and exactly the same quality one for $10, which one will you choose? Is it really worth an extra $40 to buy American? Not to any sane American it isn’t.
You know that if these sick pathetic folks can obsessively do it with American flags they can just as easily compulsively do it with automobiles, clothing, and every other consumer item sold at your local Wal-Mart department store – all for the stupid purpose to relieve their emotional hysterical anxiety about America and everything American.
You just can’t reason with some Americans afflicted with statist flag flying neurosis.  


  1. In short, they suffer with various degrees and manifestations of neurosis.

    I think you're being too kind! I would say the evidence suggests that most politicians, especially at the national level, are completely psychotic.

  2. Some politicians need to read "I, Pencil."