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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Camel Clue

In my book: Authority! Implications of Consciousness and the Reality of Existence, I debunk all conventional moral and political claims to external authority over human beings as deceptions in consciousness, especially the so-called authority of the Holy Bible as the literal word of God, the purported one and only supreme human being, creator of the universe and everything in existence -- the ultimate metaphor for human Authority!
The Abrahamic monotheistic religions, which together include Christianity, Judaism and Islam, based upon reverence for the founding father Abraham, a patriarchal character in the Holy Bible, are the greatest impediments to individual liberty and freedom ever invented by the mind of man.  
The religion of the Holy Bible is anathema to liberty. That’s why I regard it as one of my humble missions in life to prove that all religions and the Bible are not the works of a supernatural God, but entirely human inventions conceived by human beings to shackle the consciousness of other human beings and thereby deprive them of their precious liberties.  
There have been many notable religious debunkers throughout history, (not nearly enough in my opinion, however), but Charles Darwin, the father of modern biology, stands out as the greatest debunker who has ever lived in regard to conclusively proving as a myth the fantasy of creation as set forth in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible.   
Other intellectual giants before him proved that the Earth is a sphere which orbits the sun; that our solar system is just one of trillions in a universe consisting of many billions of galaxies; that this was not all created in a span of six days, but billions of years; that mankind did not coexist with dinosaurs; and on and on.
In short, the clear and convincing evidence compiled over centuries of scientific observation is that the Holy Bible is riddled with scientific inaccuracies; that far from being the works of an omnipotent omniscient supernatural supreme being, it was obviously written in its entirety by a collection of crafty but scientifically illiterate ignorant human beings as a means to usurp Authority in the conscious minds of others.
The Holy Bible and the men who conceived and rely upon its purported political and moral Authority have been hugely successful right up to the present day. Most of the people on this planet simply do not accept the intellectual reality of existence as it actually is. They would much rather embrace and live accordingly by their own religious fantasy.
No amount of reasonable, logical and sound Biblical debunking is going to change most minds.
Not even the latest camel clue.
That’s right. Archaeologists from Israel’s top university have used radiocarbon dating to pinpoint the arrival of domestic camels in the Middle East -- and they say the science directly contradicts the Bible’s version of events.
Camel bones prove more error in the Bible.
Camels are mentioned as pack animals in the biblical stories of Abraham, Joseph and Jacob, Old Testament stories that historians peg to between 2000 and 1500 BC. But scientists at Tel Aviv University's Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Cultures say camels weren’t domesticated in Israel until centuries later, more like 900 BC. 
“This anachronism is direct proof that the [Bible's] text was compiled well after the events it describes,” they explain. “In addition to challenging the Bible's historicity, this anachronism is direct proof that the text was compiled well after the events it describes.”
The bones were in archaeological layers dating from the last third of the 10th century BC or later — centuries after the patriarchs lived and decades after the Kingdom of David, according to the Bible.
The few camel bones found in earlier archaeological layers probably belonged to wild camels, which archaeologists think lived there during the Neolithic period or even earlier. All the sites active in the 9th century in the Aravah Valley had camel bones, but none of the sites that were active earlier contained them.
"The introduction of the camel to our region was a very important economic and social development,” they added. “By analyzing archaeological evidence from the copper production sites of the Aravah Valley, we were able to estimate the date of this event in terms of decades rather than centuries."
Add this small new fragment of scientific observation to the towering mountain of evidence debunking religion and the Holy Bible as political and moral human Authority! -- The camel clue.

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  1. You are totally correct. The entire Pentateuch or Torah is a fraud, and probably the entire New Testament. I faced this reality after more than 35 years of pastoral ministry within the Baptist Church. The Bible is not the inspired word of God.