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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas!

While I haven’t believed in anything supernatural or paranormal since I was seven-years-old, including baby Jesus and his virgin birth, still that doesn’t give me license to ruin Christmas time for the majority of the American people who do.  Yes, I’m atheist but that fact doesn’t preclude me from wishing others Merry Christmas! And I don’t mind friendly people wishing me the same.
I believe in the First Amendment. As long as my government stays neutral on matters of religion I respect the rights of all persons to express their religious beliefs, especially at Christmas time. I can’t imagine why anyone no matter what their creed would take offense to someone wishing them Merry Christmas.
It just doesn’t make any sense – the so-called “War on Christmas.” Sure, the government shouldn’t be doing things like displaying nativity scenes on public property at public expense. That plainly violates the First Amendment. But the fact that atheists like me might object to it doesn’t constitute starting a War on Christmas.  We simply want our rights respected too.
Some disgruntled individuals aren’t content with enjoying their rights and at the same time respecting the rights of others. These are the ones who give atheists a bad name. Last week, for example, a grumpy Grinch went berserk at an airport after some airline employees wished him Merry Christmas.
The guy was waiting to board an American Airlines flight at New York La Guardia Airport when a gate agent welcomed him with Merry Christmas while checking his boarding pass. “You shouldn’t say that because not everyone celebrates Christmas,” he complained. "Well, what should I say then?" replied the agent. "Don't say, 'Merry Christmas!'" he screamed.
“Merry Christmas,” said a flight attendant warmly as the Grinch entered the plane. "Don't say, 'Merry Christmas!'" he shouted once again. Then with his voice raised he began to lecture the pilot and crew about why he was displeased. Eventually he was ushered off the plane to a round of applause from the rest of the passengers.
He got what he deserved. This year I’m positive that Grinch didn’t enjoy a...
Merry Christmas!
And Happy New Year to all my friends at RRND!

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