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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

They have no shame

Once again the Washington politicians of all stripes, Republican, Democrat, the lot of them, are out in full force for the sole purpose of realizing their common objective – to feather their own personal parasitical nests with goodies and perks.

They aren’t content with doing their jobs as servants of the people and never have been. They see themselves as masters and desperately want the world spotlight focused on them. They want attention; personal benefits; privileges; status; admiration, and they’re more than willing to use their considerable political clout to get it.

They have no shame.

Political operatives for both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama announced last week that they are launching an effort to bring the 2024 summer Olympic Games to Washington D.C. “I don't think there is anything Jim Messina, (Obama’s 2012 campaign manager), and I agree on except for the D.C. Olympics,” said Matt Rhoades, (Romney’s 2012 campaign manager), in a recent joint interview.

“People view Washington as a pretty partisan town,” agreed Messina, “and I think why Matt and I are working together on this is we think the Olympics can unite this city and this country behind a common unifying theme, which is sport.”


This has nothing to do with sport and everything to do with politics. The Olympic Games has long ago lost its character as a sporting event. For decades now it has become merely a propaganda tool used by politicians for personal gain. It’s not about individual athletic achievement so much as nationalistic pride. It’s not for the athletes; it’s for the elite parasitical political class.

So the Washington politicians are trying to sell their city with a slickly produced YouTube video to the U.S. Olympic committee so that it will bestow the honor of accepting their backyard as the place for the 2024 games over other American cities like Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  They want the Olympic Games for themselves. They’ll be the VIP’s; have the choicest seats; the privileges, all at their convenience near their offices in the capitol city. 

The video features prominent figures from both political parties, from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, to Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia, both Democrats. “We have our spats and quarrels,” says Warner. “But we find unity when it really matters,” says Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, an icon of the civil rights movement.

“Imagine beach volleyball in the backdrop of the Washington Monument,” said Penny Lee, a Democratic strategist working with Washington 2024. “Imagine running the marathon past the steps where Martin Luther King said, ‘I have a dream.’”

It’s the parasitical politicians who have the dream. It’s a bad one.

They have no shame. 

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