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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Calculatingly Crafted Contrived Cardboard Candidate

Hillary Clinton has been running for President of the United States since 2005; ten years now. During all that time she’s calculatingly crafted an image of herself as a wholly contrived cardboard candidate.

It’s been all appearance and no substance with Hillary from her entire stint in the U.S. Senate, her failed presidential campaign in 2008, her four years as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, right up to the recent rollout of her declared candidacy for President in 2016.

She was running for President when she took the job as Secretary of State. That’s why she cunningly and calculatingly concocted a scheme to install a private computer server in her home with which to conduct official government correspondence, while at the same time retaining the means to erase the “paper trail” if necessary in order to cover up any embarrassing evidence of malfeasance on the job.

A House committee led by chairman Congressman, Darrell Issa sent a letter to Sec. Clinton in 2012 asking her specifically about that. She refused to answer his questions. The congressional investigations into the Benghazi affair have been conducted entirely without the benefit of any official correspondence from then Sec. Hillary Clinton because that evidence was all on her private computer.

It was never turned over to investigators. Now we learn that Clinton deleted all of it and refuses to turn the server over for forensic analysis. Thus the “paper trail smoking gun” evidence of her malfeasance in office is gone. She planned it that way.

Now she’s running for President and still refuses to make herself available to the press or answer any questions about past deeds. Since the official announcement of her candidacy everything has been carefully staged and contrived so as to eliminate any chance of revealing the true Hillary Clinton.

This lady has been treated like a queen ever since her time as first lady in the early 1990’s. She’s always traveled first class and in style. Today both she and her husband, Bill Clinton are multimillionaires. She knows that a large segment of the public perceives her as being out of touch with the American commoners. She is out of touch.

But she and her handlers are hard at work trying to contrive and create at least the appearance of Hillary Clinton as a candidate of the people. Instead of flying first class, for example, to Iowa for her first slate of campaign appearances, she rented a van and named it “Scooby Doo” for the 1,000+ mile trip. Obviously, they think gullible people will see that as humble and cute.

The van is black with dark black tinted windows preventing anyone from seeing inside. It is constantly followed by a motorcade of secret service agents whose job is to make sure that no one can come near it. She made a stop at a Chipotle Mexican restaurant along the way, entering wearing dark sunglasses in an attempt to disguise herself from the commoners there. She spoke to no one, ate her meal and left without leaving a tip.  

When she reached Iowa her first campaign stop consisted of a meeting with a half dozen or so “every day Americans” at a coffee shop in LeClaire. No reporters were allowed. It was by no means a chance encounter with the commoners, but instead was cunningly contrived and staged from the beginning so as to eliminate all chances of anything going awry.

In fact, one of the so-called “commoners” shown sitting at the table with Hillary told reporters later that a Clinton campaign staffer had earlier called and asked him, along with two other young people, to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport Iowa, a nearby city. The staffer then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour.” 

Hillary Clinton is apparently afraid to face the American public as her true self in the absence of artifice. If the Republicans can’t find a way to defeat this utterly incompetent phony calculatingly crafted contrived cardboard candidate in 2016, I’m certain there will be absolutely no hope for the GOP in the future.

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