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Monday, April 27, 2015

Reefer Madness in Kansas

Crazed Authorities in the State of Kansas enjoy ripping little kids away from the tender embrace of their Mommy’s if they find out that Mommy is committing the “crime” of smoking pot to alleviate her debilitating medical illness.  

You see, if Mommy were accused of murder or just about any other heinous crime in the State of Kansas she’d be still allowed custody of her children while out on bail, at least until convicted and imprisoned, but ingesting marijuana for medical reasons... well, that will result in the kids being hauled away kicking and screaming by Child Protective Services.

That’s what happened to Shona Banda’s little boy recently when he spoke out during an anti-drug indoctrination propaganda session at his school about his Mommy’s medical marijuana use at home. The cops raided his house, found some dope, arrested Mommy and took custody of the 11-year-old.

A Kansas judge has refused to return the kid to his mom after a hearing. He’s still being held in protective custody by the state, a ruling which might become permanent, and a gag order has been entered on the entire proceedings. The child has lost his Mommy, maybe forever, and he can’t even talk about it.

Next door, just across the border in the State of Colorado, smoking pot is legal – not just for medical reasons – but for recreational purposes too. So if the kid lived in Colorado he’d still have his Mommy; but not in Kansas.

The Authority is plagued with reefer madness in Kansas.  

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  1. While it's true there are 50 states, it is equally true we are all American citizens. It makes not one bit of sense, therefore, that if you stand on one side of an imaginary line you're a criminal, but if you stand on the other side you're not.