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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

President of the United Middle Class Families of America

Can you imagine George Washington or Abraham Lincoln announcing their candidacy for President of the United States with insipid campaign promises to make middle-class families a number one priority?
I can’t imagine it because the thought of such utter frivolous stupid nonsense is unimaginable. But sadly that is what the high office of President of the United States of America has come to today. The job is more akin to a being the nation’s parent than president.
In George Washington’s time the Constitution plainly set forth the powers, duties and responsibilities of the President and he took his job seriously. He was the Chief Executive of the United States government; Commander and Chief of the armed forces; top diplomat in all matters pertaining to U.S. relations with foreign governments; appointer of federal judges, ambassadors, consuls, ministers, cabinet officials and other federal officers with the advice and consent of the Senate; and above all he was invested with the solemn responsibility to take care that the laws of the of the United States be faithfully executed.
Of course, the Constitution hasn’t changed in that regard since then but seekers of the presidency in recent times no longer seem to care much about the Constitution. Instead of promising to do their constitutional duty to preserve, protect and uphold our constitutional liberties, they now promise that if elected they’ll do their best to play favorites and take care of us as though we were their children.
Elizabeth Warren, for example, who considers herself  a champion for the middle class, says she’s not running for president but has made it plain that she wants whoever is running in 2016 to make middle-class families a priority. She wants candidates running in 2016 to talk about how they'll "make Washington work for families again." She thinks it’s the duty of the President of the United States to give us a higher minimum wage, make education more affordable, and protect benefits like Social Security and Medicare.
Sure enough, Hillary Clinton, who this week announced: "I'm running for president," has heard Warren’s asinine message and, as if on cue, is now casting herself as a champion of the middle class and "everyday Americans."
"Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion," declared Hillary in a two-minute campaign propaganda presentation featuring a number upbeat middle-class families from a variety of backgrounds sharing their aspirations. "I'm hitting the trail to earn your vote," she trumpeted, stressing that her campaign will be all "about how to make the economy work so everyday Americans and their families can actually get ahead and stay ahead."
What the Hell is an ‘everyday American’ anyway, I ask you? Isn’t every American an American every day? What American ever had the distinction of being born without the participation of a mother and a father, i.e. a ‘family?’ Even orphans have ‘families,’ or are orphans not considered by Hillary as ‘everyday Americans’ wanting to ‘get ahead and stay ahead.’ If every ‘everyday American’ and ‘their family’ could ‘get ahead and stay ahead,’ who among us would be behind? We’d all be ahead. No one would be behind. How is that possible?
And since when is the ‘middle class in America, (whatever that is), entitled to greater attention and protection from the President of the United States than the rest of us American suckers?
It’s just another train load of political bullshit prepared for the consumption and digestion of stupid American people. Hillary Clinton thinks that the majority of Americans, at least the ones whose votes she’s seeking, are stupid. And she’s right.

If stupid people weren’t allowed to vote we surely wouldn’t have to worry about electing a... president of the united middle class families of America. 

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