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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Religious savages

An innocent 22-year old Dutch girl made the unfortunate decision to go to the Islamic nation of Qatar with a friend on vacation as a tourist. They went for drinks at their hotel bar in the Qatari capitol of Doha. While there, someone drugged her drink. When she woke up later dazed and alone her clothes were torn and she had been raped.

She then did what any innocent victim of rape should do anywhere in the world. She went to the police to report the rape. Big mistake; and her nightmare in Qatar only became far worse. The police detained her for nearly three months. The Islamic savages charged her with adultery for having sex out of wedlock.

That’s right. In the Islamic state of Qatar a woman who is drugged unconscious and forcibly raped is considered a criminal; being raped is a crime in Qatar. This unfortunate girl was actually convicted by Islamic savages for the crime of being raped. Any sexual activity out of wedlock is illegal in Qatar.

This was not an isolated incident among the many Islamic countries in the Middle East. An Australian woman reported that she was gang raped in 2008 at a hotel in the United Arab Emirates. The Islamic savages there put her in prison for eight months. A Norwegian woman received a 16-month prison sentence for being raped in the Islamic state of Dubai. The religious savages eventually pardoned her for the crime of having sex outside of marriage and let her go home to her native country.

In Saudi Arabia as well as in most other Islamic states the punishment for being born gay is death. The savages have been known to throw gays off tall buildings to their deaths. The punishment for changing one’s religion from Islam is death. Women are not allowed to drive a car or even leave their homes without a male relative for escort.

Married woman are forced by law to obey their husbands who can beat them silly any time they please.  A starving child can have her hands chopped off for stealing a loaf of bread. The list of legally sanctioned atrocities that can be visited upon innocent human beings under sharia goes on and on with these savages.

As for myself, I have personally vowed to never set foot inside any nation on Earth which is governed by Islamic law. I recently had to fly over some of those places while on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand, to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the thought of having to make a forced landing in a country like Qatar made me consciously queasy. I simply want nothing to do with any of those Hell holes. The Qatari capitol of Doha will be hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. I won’t be there and I think that any foreigner – especially innocent young girls -- is taking unnecessary risks to life and limb by attending.

I wouldn’t mind if the USA withdrew all diplomatic relations with every Islamic nation. We shouldn’t maintain embassies in those places. I remember vividly when the American embassy in Tehran Iran was invaded by Islamic savages who held American diplomats and staff as hostages for 444 days.  The Iranian authorities sanctioned those savages. One of them later became the president of Iran.

I don’t mean to suggest that all Muslims are savages. Most of them are innocent people who mean no harm, but the ones who govern the Islamic nations, the ones who administer Islamic sharia law, hate the West and especially hate Americans.  That’s why Americans today have to watch out for radical Islamic terrorists even in our own country who are more than willing to sacrifice their lives in the process of murdering as many innocent Americans as possible.

They do it in the name of Islam – in name of religion.

We are plagued by Islamic religious savages.

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