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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Statist public schools to students: conform or else

It was public high school graduation time again in America this year and the statist education administrator’s couldn’t let the hapless captive students go on with their lives without reminding them once more that they still enjoyed no constitutional rights at school.

You see, American public school administrator’s think that they have the power to force their charges to conform to their dictates or else – or else they won’t allow them to graduate with their peers. Students can’t have the diplomas they earned unless they bow one last time to the arbitrary whims of their statist overlords.  

Andrew Jones, for example, a straight “A” “Student of the Year” senior at Amite High School in Louisiana was denied his graduation diploma because he refused to shave his face clean. His facial hair violated school policy.

This kid sported a beard all year long while receiving all “A’s” in his classes, excelling in sports, and being awarded a college scholarship, but when he showed up at the commencement ceremony the statists wouldn’t let him participate with it. They think they have the right to ban facial hair on men. So Jones got an ultimatum: shave your face or go home without your sheepskin. He had to turn in his cap and gown over a goatee.

“I feel they should have let me march,” said Jones. “The hair on my face has nothing to do with school. I wasn’t distracting anybody.” “What was the real issue that he couldn’t walk with his class?” his aunt Sabrine wondered “He was top of his class, you know. That moment was the most important of his life.”

.Statists don’t care about stuff like that, aunt Sabrine. 

Students don’t enjoy constitutional rights at school. They must conform or else.

Marine Corps Pvt. Megan Howerton finished up her studies early at McHenry West High School in Illinois so she could start her career as a Marine. But when she returned to the school to join her classmates at graduation, she wasn’t allowed to walk with them on the commencement stage. That’s because she chose to wear her dress uniform instead of the traditional cap and gown.

“There was no communication to the administration that attire protocols would not be followed prior to the ceremony,” explained the statist school district administrator. “The tradition of cap and gown regalia is aimed at the idea that our graduates are celebrated as a whole and in similar attire.”

Yes, the school policy involves conformance – conform or else. 


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