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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Statist goons claim Moon

Do statist goons own the moon? They think so. They own planet Earth, don’t they; so why not the Moon? And while they’re at it the statists might just as well claim ownership also of the Sun, our solar system, the stars, and galaxies – even the entire universe. Why not? They claim to own everything, including you and me.  They constantly demand that we ask for their permission to go anywhere and do just about anything. 

Today the U.S. government claims it has the constitutional and legal authority to demand that a private company first obtain its permission before going to the Moon. The statists even now are formulating temporary rules to allow a private company permission to land a spacecraft on the moon next year, while Congress weighs a more permanent legal framework to govern future commercial missions to the moon, Mars and other destinations beyond Earth’s orbit.

The nerve of these statist bastards is astounding. They actually claim ownership of the Moon and beyond. Apparently there is nothing in the entire cosmos that can escape their greedy grasp.  Right now, plans by private companies to land spacecraft on the moon or launch them out of Earth’s orbit face legal obstacles because the United States has not put in place regulations to govern space activities, government officials say.

“We do not have formal authority today to deal with what happens on orbit or on other planetary terrestrial bodies. That’s the issue that we’re wrestling with,” said George Nield, head of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. “What is being looked at right now is a Band-Aid fix because the system is broken,” he told the American Bar Association last week.

An international treaty took effect in 1967 which ostensibly provides the authority to the U.S. and other signatories to authorize and supervise space activities by non-government entities. Now Moon Express, a private Florida-based Company, has requested permission from the U.S. government to land a spacecraft on the moon in 2017. “No commercial company has ever asked to go outside of Earth orbit and go elsewhere before. We’re a pathfinder out of necessity,” Moon Express Chief Executive Bob Richards explains.

“We don’t want to create the environment where there’s a competitive advantage for payloads to go overseas,” said space attorney Michael Gold, who chairs the FAA’s commercial space advisory panel. 

You see, if there’s a payload involved the statists want their cut. Heaven forbid that an American private entity might someday want to evade the U.S. statist goon’s claim to the Moon. 


  1. Before they start making their idiotic pronouncements they might actually want to READ what the damn 1967 treaty actually says. The treaty says that governments can't actually claim the lunar surface but the treaty makes no such claim concerning what companies do on the lunar soil probably because back then the idea of a company actually having the technology to do so was considered science fiction. They are either ignorant or are trying to blow smoke and hope no one calls them on it.

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