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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cut it out!

The goofy leftists are screaming bloody murder over President Trump’s proposed budget cuts, which even if passed by Congress (doubtful), would actually cut only a minuscule percentage of the overall bloated, unnecessary out of control give-away government largess. Thank you, Mr. President for your bold and aggressive proposals, but your priorities are skewed and it’s not nearly enough. 

The leftists cry like spoiled babies over the potential loss of boondoggles like Big Bird, Meals on Wheels, and National Endowment for the Arts. How can America possibly survive the demise of Public Broadcasting, they whine? 

Right-wingers wring their greedy hands over potential cuts to the massive and unnecessary national security and military industrial complex programs. How can America possibly survive with a leaner, meaner and more cost effective national security and defense system, they whine?

But the real question is how can America possibly survive a national debt that is fast approaching $20trillion and still growing exponentially? We simply don’t need stupid government give-away schemes, and we must recognize that our national security is not presently in any serious danger. So shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars stupidly for just one fighter jet is a monumentally ridiculous proposition.

Completely ignored is the plain fact that interest payments alone on that debt presently total over $6oobillion annually at rates which have stayed ridiculously low for too many years now.  If interest rates as projected simply return to the national average it’s going to start costing us more than a $trillion dollars every year just to service that debt.

Interest payments will amount to more than any single category of spending, including defense and all national security allocations combined. America cannot sustain that burden. Something’s got to give. Drastic cuts will be necessary well beyond what President Trump is proposing.

Cut it out!

Of course, the government could keep printing more and more money to stave off the impending disaster. But that would only lead to a massive increase in inflation. Imagine a loaf of bread that costs you $100. Imagine an economy and annual inflation rate like the people in Venezuela are suffering.  There aren’t nearly enough taxpayers in our country to bail us out of a mess like that. The only reasonable solution is to cut spending drastically.

Or, maybe the government could eventually run out of funds and be forced to default on the debt. Do you think that would be a good thing; stiffing all those creditors, including China, of all the trillions we owe? If so, think again. That debt cannot simply be canceled. The money would still be owed. The consequences to ordinary Americans like you and me would be catastrophic. The resulting global depression would make the great depression of the 1930’s seem like a Sunday picnic.

Worst of all, America would not be able to borrow money anymore, anywhere anytime. Who would lend money to America if it won’t pay it back? Say goodbye to your Social Security, your Medicare, Medicaid, and every other government social program. If you think that the leftists are whining too much now, just wait until the government runs out of cash and can’t borrow any more.

Again, the only reasonable responsible solution is to stop spending money that we don’t have and drastically cut spending for anything that is not absolutely necessary. That means cutting every category of government spending until in hurts, including the bloated budgets of all three branches of government, the military, homeland security, every cabinet department and agency, all entitlements, social programs, all discretionary and non-discretionary spending.  

Just the outrageous spending on the office of POTUS alone, for example, which includes two massively expensive Air force One jumbo jets, huge fleets of helicopters and limousine's and all the other unnecessary presidential perks and prerogatives, is shamefully obscene. You can start with your own office, Mr. President. 

I know it’s asking way too much of our present day parasite politicians on both the left and the right to do what must be done.

All unnecessary government spending, please: cut it out! 


  1. Well, which is it: Are Trump's budget proposals "miniscule" or are they "bold and aggressive?" You claim both in the first paragraph.

    The answer is: Miniscule.

    Trump's proposal would cut about 1/3 of 1% of discretionary federal spending and 1/10th of 1% of total federal spending.

    Of course, after Congress gets hold of the proposal, rejects half of his proposals and adds on a bunch of their own, the budget will be higher, not lower. But even if Trump got what he is calling for, what he is calling for is business as usual.

  2. "Well, which is it: Are Trump's budget proposals "miniscule" or are they "bold and aggressive?"

    Actually, both, Tom. What other president has proposed a fraction of what Trump is proposing? The cuts to the State Department are a pretty good start, I think. But yes, it's not nearly enough overall.