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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thanks again WikiLeaks

The TV pundits are all riled up again about the latest WikiLeaks “Vault 7” revelations detailing how our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) now has the full capability to hack into almost every electrical device we use, even those not connected to the internet, to spy on foreigners and Americans alike.  Word is that more horrific revelations are yet to come. Good! Thanks WikiLeaks!

The Feds are desperately searching for the rogue CIA mole that blew the whistle. They’re screaming treason. They want blood. I hope they never catch the leaker. He or she is an American hero just like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. They’re not traitors. They’re heroes because they are exposing government wrongdoing, constitutional violations and criminality. It’s the government criminals who are the traitors.

These intelligence agencies claim that they only spy on foreigners, never Americans, but we all know that is bullshit. No reasonable American should believe anything our government says. They’ve cried wolf too many times. They’ve been caught lying too many times.

They’re liars. They’re committing crimes. They’re violating the Constitution. So they deserve to be exposed – even if that impedes our ability to spy on foreign terrorists. Why do I say this? It’s because our individual constitutional rights are more important than our government’s rights to spy on terrorists. Our freedom and privacy is more important than government efforts to catch terrorists.

These latest leaks reveal that the CIA can remotely hack both your land line and mobile phones without your knowledge to follow your whereabouts and listen in on your conversations even if you turn them off. Somehow they can remotely turn on and activate the microphones inside. 

They can do the same with your smart TV set. It can spy on you even when it is turned off. And they know how to get every bite of information in all your computers even if you disconnect them from the Internet. They can strip your privacy naked and you won’t even suspect it.

They now have malware that can infect iOS, Windows and Android devices. And get this: it allows them to bypass encryption applications so that encryption will do you no good at all. Mobile devices and Smart TV’s are turned into covert microphones that spy on you and transmit your GPS location even when you think your device is turned off.

Not surprisingly, the intelligence goons have not kept all these tactics a secret. Much of this awesome knowledge is already in the hands of third parties not connected to the government. In short, the government has lost control of its hacking capabilities to unknown parties, many of whom are undoubtedly criminal hackers. They now have exactly the same hacking abilities as the CIA.

I think that the American people have a right to know this – a right that supersedes the government’s right to keep it secret.

Thanks to you government whistleblowers.

Thanks again WikiLeaks.  

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