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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cops to Homeowner: What’s Yours is Ours

The American police state has taken an ominous new direction recently. Now the cops think that they have a perfect right to arbitrarily commandeer your private home by force and without your consent; boot you and your family out the door; and then use the premises as they please in order to carry out their nefarious government police state activities.
That’s right. “What’s yours is ours,” say the cops nowadays in the land of the free.
Police thugs in the city of Henderson Nevada actually arrested an innocent family for the “crime” of refusing to let them use their home as a lookout command post during a domestic violence investigation of their neighbors.
But where on Earth did they find the legal authority to do such a thing? It doesn’t exist. They had to know that. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution flatly prohibit government agents from taking any private property or depriving any person of liberty without due process of law.
These cops apparently believe that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights just don’t apply to them. So they assault, batter, seize the property and run roughshod over the lives of innocent citizens. They think they can violate innocent people’s rights as a matter of course. To hell with their legal and constitutional rights is the police officer’s attitude today.
Today’s cops are worse than any other kind of criminals. They’re criminals with badges. They’re criminals with Authority!
Henderson Nevada homeowner, Anthony Mitchell got a phone call from a cop one morning who told him that the police needed to occupy his home in order to gain a 'tactical advantage' against the occupant of his neighbor’s house, a suspect in a domestic dispute. Mitchell refused saying he didn’t want to be involved or allow cops to enter and occupy his home.
So the dirty dicks decided on a plan to confront Mitchell at his front door. If he answered the door he would be asked to leave. If he refused to leave he would be arrested for Obstructing a Police Officer. If he refused to answer the door, a forced entry would be made and Mitchell would be arrested.
The government thugs banged on his front door and yelled at Mitchell to open it. He declined to do so.  Seconds later, they smashed open the door with a battering ram and aimed their weapons at the frightened victim, shouted obscenities at him, called him “asshole,” ordered him to lie down on the floor and crawl toward them. Fearing for his life, he prostrated himself, covering his face and hands
Then the goons fired multiple pepper ball rounds at their confused and terrified victim as he lay defenseless and motionless on the floor of his own living room, striking him at least three times from close range, causing injuries and severe pain. He was arrested for obstructing a police officer; his house was searched; furniture was moved around and the home set up as a lookout post for their investigation.
When the criminal home invaders with badges smashed their way through the door, the family dog was cowering in the corner posing no threat whatsoever to anyone. Never-the-less, the brazen thugs shot it with pepper ball rounds causing it to howl in fear and pain. Then they left the poor animal trapped outside in soaring 100 degree plus temperatures without access to water or shelter from the blazing desert sun for the rest of the day.
Making matters worse, the police also commandeered the nearby home of Mitchell’s parents and treated them exactly the same. His father was tricked out of his house, arrested, handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car.
When his mother refused to allow the officers entry into her home without a warrant, she was seized roughly her by the arm, forcibly pulled out of her house and dragged through the back yard while officers entered without permission. The goons the proceeded to rummage through her purse and searched the house, ransacking it and leaving the contents in shambles without a warrant and without permission.
Both father and son were booked for obstructing an officer. Then they were jailed for at least nine hours until they made bail.
Later, all criminal charges against them were dismissed with prejudice as totally baseless, yet none of the thuggish goons were subjected to any official discipline or even inquiry. The Mitchell families have since filed a lawsuit against the thugs and their police department seeking punitive damages for multiple constitutional violations, assault and battery, conspiracy, defamation, and abuse of process, malicious prosecution, negligence and emotional distress.
So this is just another in a long line of cases involving government agent premeditated, deliberate, viscous, willful, wonton, criminal and civil wrongdoing in which the criminal wrongdoers will go scot free while the local municipal taxpayers will be forced pay just compensation to the innocent victims.
I’m normally against the death penalty for lots of good reasons, but in this case I believe that a quick painless death would be the most lenient justified punishment I can think of for every one of the rotten cops who participated in this outrageous premeditated incident.
They don’t deserve quick and painless retribution for the attitude: “What’s yours is ours.”


  1. I'm with the author up until the death penalty, but surly I know where his heart is.

  2. There goes the 3rd Amendment, the last victim in the bill of rights.

  3. And lets not forget bogus traffic stops that quickly escalate into illegal searches and body cavity searches of females on the side of the highway, ALL for bogus, vague reasons such as "I think I smelled marijuana in the car" or equally
    transparent excuses given, as a pretext to willifully violate ones rights.
    OR incidents such as occurred in Dallas (I beleive) recently where 3 cops piled on a homeless guy AND BEAT HIM TO DEATH IN PUBLIC IN DAYLIGHT......No doubt because he didn't get up fast enough to suit the cops, when ordered to do so. ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF INTIMIDATING THE PUBLIC, and allowing bullies an outlet for their antisocial personalities.
    Few get compensation from the courts, if they even bother to file suit, and fewer times yet does any criminal get punished for his behavior.
    We absolutely are living in a police state.
    How much longer are people going to tolerate this crap? Historically, forever.
    Heck, they've even go us snitch'n on each other just like the Gestapo did.

  4. What a horrible example of police criminality! I'd oppose imposing the death penalty after the incident is over, but they certainly deserved to be blown away when they forcibly and illegally entered his, and his parents', residences. Armed criminals who break into anyone's home should be stopped by any means necessary and available. Wearing a government clown costume should not change anything, except perhaps to classify the crime as more egregious than if it had been committed by a private citizen.