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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Government Dishonesty: Standard Procedure

Did you know that lying to government agents including cops is a crime in most jurisdictions? But if government agents and cops lie to you, well that’s just part of their jobs nowadays. Government lying and dishonesty has become standard operating procedure in America.
Police in the Cleveland Ohio suburb of Mayfield Heights, for example, have posted large yellow signs along Interstate 271 warning motorists of drug checkpoints ahead; to be prepared to stop and allow drug-sniffing police dogs to search vehicles.
The road signs are deliberate bald faced lies. The drug checkpoints are fakes. The cops know full well that such checkpoints have been ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. So there are just a bunch of dishonest government police officers watching to see if any drivers react suspiciously after seeing the signs so they can pull them over and violate their Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful searches and seizures.
These dishonest cops are out there simply manufacturing “probable cause” to stop and search anyone they want. They lie to all the motorists and then conduct unlawful searches and seizures grounded upon their dishonest assessment of “suspicion” among the drivers they happen to target for their stings.
"I don't think it accomplishes any public safety goals," said Terry Gilbert, a prominent Cleveland civil rights attorney. "I don't think it's good to mislead the population for any reason if you're a government agency."
But Dominic Vitantonio, a Mayfield Heights assistant prosecutor, said the fake checkpoints are legal and a legitimate effort in the war on drugs. "We should be applauded for doing this," he insisted. "It's a good thing."
Dishonesty and lying is legal if the government is doing it. The government should be applauded for doing it. It’s a good thing. That’s how these government thugs see their jobs now. Lying and dishonesty is just a means to an end and that end justifies the means.
If you lie to the FBI, the IRS or a cop, you go to jail, but if they lie to you its just standard procedure.

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  1. If you lie to the FBI, the IRS or a cop, you go to jail, but if they lie to you its just standard procedure.

    Which is a good reason, make that a compelling reason, NEVER to agree to be interviewed by any lying criminal thug cop or federal agent. James Duane's video "Don't Talk to Cops" is essential viewing.