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Thursday, May 1, 2014

American Racist Witch Hunting

I’m glad that the despicable practice of human slavery was finally abolished in the United States of America by 1865. That happened nearly 150 years ago. I’m glad that the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified then to finally and unequivocally mandate equal protection of the law to all persons as was originally alluded to by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.
It’s wonderful that the Ku Klux Klan has been virtually wiped out in America; that Jim Crow laws are gone; that the U.S. Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, declaring segregated public schools unconstitutional; and that the Civil Rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King culminated in passage of the federal Civil Rights laws by the mid 1960’s.
Institutionalized racial exploitation and discrimination has left an ugly permanent indelible stain upon the fabric of the nation for which we as Americans should all be ashamed.  Righting those wrongs for the benefit of present and future generations has been a long time in coming. The wrongs of the past can never be made right.
The fact though is that no one alive today is responsible whether legally or morally for what happened more than 150 years ago. Very few people living among us today participated in any legally institutionalized racial exploitation and discrimination. Those days are over for good.
But something just as despicable and ugly in going on in America these days which troubles me greatly. Just like the Senator McCarthy inspired communist witch hunts in the 1950’s many Americans today are engaging in the wholly irrational activity of racist witch hunting. Some see a racist behind every bush and these morons are eager to scream for blood when they think they’ve found one.
Of course there are certainly vestiges of personal racism in the minds of some folks. Racism, however, is a matter of degree.
On the one hand we still have an extremely tiny minority of people who actually harbor violent, venomous and irrational hatred for others simply because of the color of their skin. Those kinds of racists are often dangerous criminals and deserve to be dealt with and punished by society accordingly.
On the other end of the spectrum are those who simply can’t seem to eliminate all of the common age old racial stereotypes from their consciousness. That often causes them to innocently make irrational judgments or say things which might seem bigoted and shameful but are clearly not motivated by any amount of hatred, personal animosity or violence.
I would not call this latter type of person a racist. It’s not fair. If they are racists then we must logically conclude then that just about everyone at some time or another is a racist. We would have to conclude that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and yes, even Abraham Lincoln were racists.  Every one of the founding fathers and every great historical American figure that we admire today were racists by that definition of racist.
The folks who demand racial preferences based upon race are racists. The ones who today are screaming for the blood of people they deem to be racists -- the ones who see racists behind every bush -- are themselves racists by that broad definition of the term racist. Everywhere they look they see racists, even when they look in the mirror.
Poor Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher involved with the federal government standoff over grazing rights for his cattle has been savagely vilified as a racist by the American racist witch hunting mob for simply using the term “Negro” when referring to blacks. That man doesn’t hate blacks. He’s not a racist.
Need I remind anyone that the great Dr. Martin Luther King used the term “Negro” all the time. I doubt if he ever said “African American” once in his entire life. I guess that means that Dr. King was a racist by today’s ridiculous cultural standards. I’ll wager money that the term “African American” will one day have users of it branded as racists.
What the hell is an African American anyway? Is a white skinned person born in South Africa and naturalized as an American citizen an African American? No he is certainly not. Why; because he’s not black, that’s why. The white guy is an American but the black guy is an African American. It’s ridiculous.
What the hell is a “Native American” anyway? I was born in America. Doesn’t that make me a Native American? I think it does. I’m a Native American. I’m not a European American. I’ve never even been to Europe. I’m an American just like any black person born in America is an American. It insults those people to call them African Americans.
And now the savage pack of American racist witch hunters have viciously descended upon 80-year-old Los Angles NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for saying in a private conversation taped without his knowledge -- in private mind you -- that he was disappointed with his former mistress for consorting openly with “black people.” For this unforgivable transgression, Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, has banned him from the NBA for life.
The whole nation wants his blood. But this guy doesn’t hate black people. He pays black people millions of dollars to play basketball on his team. He invites black people to his daughter’s wedding. He’s just burdened with a few negative stereotypes about blacks. He may be bigoted to some extent but he’s no racist. He probably doesn’t have a violent thought in his mind about blacks.
The people who want his blood are the ones who are un-American.
They’re guilty of American racist witch hunting.  

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