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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Political Science of Globahoaxing Climagenda

When a legitimate science becomes attached to a political agenda that’s when I become skeptical of the science -- because political science is not science. Science is about the study of the reality of existence. Science doesn’t mix well with the fanciful agendas of religion and politics.
Climatology is a legitimate science concerned with the study of facts about the Earth’s climate. There are a lot of facts about the nature of Earth’s climate which have yet to be revealed; therefore the science of climatology is by no means fully understood.
Theories abound, but no one fully understands the intricate mechanisms of climate changes constantly occurring during the billions of years that the Earth has existed. In that time, for instance, there have been numerous cycles of global warming periods followed by cooling periods all happening long before the existence of mankind.
But today we have a bunch of politicians, perhaps even a majority of them, supported by a gaggle of scientists who insist that they know for certain and beyond any doubt that climate changes are brought about by the nefarious activities of mankind, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, which they maintain is causing “global warming,” which in turn is harming the planet and threatening mankind.
It’s the same kind of hubris and stubborn irrational arrogance which leads some deluded humans even today to believe that the entire universe of galaxies, stars, planets and Earth was created by a man. A man (God) created it and now men are destroying it they think.
So the politicians and their supporters are demanding that mankind do something drastic about this manmade “problem.” They’re calling for sacrifices. Nothing new about that -- the primary agenda of religion and politics has always been about calling for sacrifices and this situation is no different.
Remember the so-called over population scare? Mankind was overpopulating the Earth which would lead to disaster? That “scientific” prediction, of course, has come to nothing.
Now the statists have identified a new “problem,” a “crisis” that can only be resolved by men making sacrifices. That is the political consensus nowadays. It’s become a nasty overbearing political agenda and the believers simply won’t tolerate any degree of skepticism.
President Barack Obama, for example, has declared repeatedly that urgent action is needed now to curb carbon emissions before climate change exacts an irreversible toll on the planet with extreme drought, storms and rising seas levels. "We've still got some climate deniers who shout loud, but they're wasting everybody's time on a settled debate,” says Obama. He blames every severe weather incident on “climate change” caused my mankind. He’s calling for sacrifices.
A scientific paper by Lennart Bengtsson, until now a very well respected research fellow and climatologist – a top scientist -- at Britain's University of Reading, was rejected earlier this year by a leading academic journal after a reviewer decided that it was "harmful" to the climate change agenda.
You see, the scientific community today is actively engaged in the muzzling of any dissent on the issue of “global warming” and causes of “climate change.” Bengtsson, for good scientific reasons, has become skeptical of the scientific “global warming” consensus – skeptical of the political science agenda – so the powers that be in the scientific community are trying to shut him up.
"They've threatened him. They've bullied him. They've pulled his papers. They're now going through everything they can to smear his reputation. And the ‘they’ I'm referring to is the global warming establishment," observes Marc Morano of the website
Bengtsson resigned from the advisory board of a climatology think tank after being subjected to “McCarthy-style pressure” from other academics, the Times of London reports. "It is an indication of how science is gradually being influenced by political views. The reality hasn't been keeping up with computer models," he explains. "If people are proposing to do major changes to the world's economic system we must have much more solid information."
In other words, all this “global warming climate change” hoopla supported by manipulated data is probably just another “political scientific” hoax. Any legitimate climate scientists today and there are many of them, who question the consensus, are demonized, their papers rejected, and their requests for funding denied. They’re accused as people who are trying to impede the saving of the planet.
The science is not settled. The debate is not over. Average global temperatures are not rising. Sea levels are not rising. Severe weather incidents today are no worse or numerous than before. We just as likely face a new ice age in the near future as we do global warming. No one really knows for sure.
But the statists still want the sacrifices.
How dare they try to stifle scientific debate?
How dare they plague us with their globahoaxing and climagenda?

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