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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Statism: No Limits

There are no limits with statism. There are still many places in this world where the state via its autocratic rulers can legally force the hapless subjects to do anything it wants them to do and there is no recourse. Liberty is just a word in the dictionary in those places. Freedom is out of the question.

Take North Korea, for example. There, the Dear Leader, has the power to simply order all the men within the boundaries of the state to get haircuts exactly like his, just because that’s what he wants, and he had better be obeyed or else. The story goes that he recently had his uncle thrown into a cage with a pack of ravenous dogs to be ripped apart and eaten alive. Statism has no limits in North Korea.

Before king John was persuaded to sign the Magna Carta, that great charter of liberties of England, at Runnymede, on the bank of the river Thames, near Windsor, in the year 1215, the English monarchs wielded similar unlimited powers over their subjects; literally the power of life and death. There were no limits to statism in England then.

The same has been largely true with kingdoms, empires, states and rulers all over the planet throughout recorded history. The holy Bible lists one statist ruler after another all having unlimited powers over human beings.

Today, even with the advent of republics, constitutions and representative democracies, we still too often find ourselves burdened under the heavy yolk of statism which seems to have no limits. Most Americans today, for example, will tell you that the majority rules; if the majority vote this way or that then everyone is bound to do as the law proscribes.

If, for instance, the majority votes against gay marriage, then gays ought not be allowed to marry. If Johnny refuses to stand for the Pledge, he should be punished. The government prays to and leads its subjects in prayer to the government God.

So even in the United States of America where we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights meant to limit the powers of the state and its rulers, we still have mobs of statists who are willing to push them aside. They respect no limits to their statism.

The nation of Spain is a representative democracy today but there are still no limits to statism in Spain. In fact, the Spanish parliament is considering a law requiring children to do their chores. If it passes, all children under 18 will be legally bound to do housework "in accordance with their age and regardless of their gender."

Can you imagine that? The statists want the law to make children do housework. It won’t be up to parents anymore; no, the state is going to get involved with forcing kids to do housework. Also under this law, the kids will legally have to "respect their teachers and fellow students," "participate in family life" and "respect their parents and siblings."

That’s right. The law givers in Spain are about to tell all the little kids what to think, who to respect, and how to participate in family life. If the little ones don’t take out the trash they’ll be breaking the law in the statist nation of Spain.

You see, with statism there are no limits. 

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