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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Flagmania in Pennsylvania

American flag worshippers in Pennsylvania are in a state of furious apoplexy over a man among them who last week had the temerity to exercise his First Amendment freedom of speech right to desecrate their sacred symbol of government Authority

Joshuaa Brubaker spray painted a political message on his own flag and then hung it upside down outside his own private home. So the cops are charging him with a crime. Now he’s facing misdemeanor charges for desecration and insults to the American flag – the flag that belongs to him.

Apparently the police were alerted to the “crime” by a number of complaints, one from a military woman who "was very offended." "People have made too many sacrifices to protect the flag and to leave [sic] this happen in my community, I'm not happy with it," explained L.J. Berg, Allegheny Township assistant police chief. "I removed it from the building, folded it properly and seized it as evidence."

What Brubaker did was “inexcusable” declared the small town’s incarnation of Barney Fife as he took the man’s flag down. He’s not happy with it and neither are the rest of the town’s American flag worshipers so they’re going to have the guy prosecuted as a criminal.

Flag desecration and insulting the flag are considered “crimes” in Allegheny Township Pennsylvania, where no one, including the government authorities, has apparently ever even heard of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, much less the First Amendment Freedom of Speech Clause. At a minimum, they don’t understand the meaning of the American Flag symbol they’re worshipping.

This is a classic case of First Amendment protected political speech if there ever was one. The Pennsylvania flag desecration law that these morons are relying upon to prosecute Brubaker as a criminal is patently unconstitutional.

It is the irrational flag worshipers in this case who are un-American, not Joshuaa Brubaker. They’re the real criminals -- guilty of flagmania in Pennsylvania. 

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